Few Facts  About Revolution The Black Lives Matter


The uncontrollable situation of unemployment had forced the people of the USA to revolt with the slogan “Black Lives Matter”. When the situation of hunger and loss of jobs begun, it was then George Floyd who was killed by one of the white American police. It was not the first time that a black was pulled to death. Similar to the death of one black that had led to several to revolt against the cruelty which turned to become a flame of anger throughout the country.   

The pandemic situation had snatched away the job of the security guard but lost his mode of earnings during the Lockdown period. He was killed by a white policeman for an amount of 20$. He was arrested for a counterfeit bill of the amount and was abusively beaten till death.

BlackLive Matters

Graffiti and mural paintings were the silent protest against the deaths of the blacks. The stretch of mural work, a voice against the violence is about 565 ft long in the street of Bedstuy. It is based on the memory of those apart from George Floyd for 150 victims. This will remind us about the revolution that took place during a hard time of USA, during the pandemic.

The killing of the Floyd for 20$, led to protest which was silent at the start unless they were forced to move away from the streets. The entire part of USA was moved by the death of Floyd which happened during the time when most were suffering from pandemic and joblessness.

black lives matter 1

Silent revolution by Mural paints in a different part of the USA

Black lives matter turned out to become the voices of the revolutions which they had spread through mural paintings. From Brooklyn to other parts of the country, the artists participated in painting the roads and walls that will remind them of the importance of human life.

Protestors work that define to be communal based injustice, one was in Cincinnati that is designed with phrases and textured designs that are filling the letters within the outline of the Pan-African flag.

black live matters 1

The mural artwork at the Foley Square street art in the area of Lower Manhattan, describes the stories of the black who were killed by the white policemen, one time or another.  The street artwork is colorful with the resemblances to art and the Black Lives Matter.

The initiative was by the Billie holiday theatre at restoration Plaza and NYC council member Robert Cornegy Jr. The work reminds about the 1950s who were killed by two white publicly.


The black communities has shown their protest in the most common spot in Pittsburgh,  on the Allegheny River by building the slogan Black Live Matters. It was painted by Guerillas artists, altogether six had participated in the movement.

The revolution for the black community has been raising at different intervenes, but the recent revolution for the survival of the blacks. When the people were suffering from Covid-19,  Lockdown and unemployment  finally killing George Floyd  was again the reveal of old stories. Major public places were painted by the supporters of the Black community to support “Black Live Matters”.

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