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Facts about caffeine

Facts about caffeine – We all love coffee don’t we? I mean 1 cup makes us feel so charged up, fresh and amazing.  For, most of us, day doesn’t start without sipping on a sinful cup of caffeine boost. All the conversations start with that cup of coffee but do you facts about coffee?

Well here are a few facts about caffeine for coffee lovers!

Facts about caffeine –

  1. The word “Caffeine” is derived from German Kaffee (Coffee)
  2. Sheperds discovered our beloved coffee in Ethiopia, a local monk first made a drink with coffee berries and then he found that it keeps a man awake at night and thus coffee was born.
  3. Your favorite cup of coffee has up to three times more caffeine than cola or tea.
  4. According to a studies regular intake of Coffee reduces risk of depression and suicidal thoughts
  5. Coffee has more antioxidants surprisingly more than grape juice, oranges, raspberries and blueberries.
  6. Drinking coffee boosts metabolism and burns more calories.
  7. Coffee helps in pain reduction, it works no less than pain killers in pain.
  8. Coffee also makes you smarter and increases dopamine and norepinephrine in brain which increases function of brain, general cognitive function and Vigilance as well.
  9. Coffee also increases memory power according to a studies people drinking cofffe regularly has improved long-term memory.
  10. Drinking coffee protects your liver and heart as well.
  11. Coffee releases stress makes you feel less tired, this is one reason when we are tired we ask for a cup of coffee and instantly we feel fresh.
  12. Smelling coffee itself makes you feel better and less stressed.
  13. Mere two cups of coffee can increase man’s sexual life, however having more than two can decline the benefits
  14. America’s prefer coffee over other drinks.
  15. Do you know dark pills have caffeine in them taking a dose of diet pills is like drinking 8-12 cups of coffee?
  16. Caffeine is the highest used drug under the sun, alcohol comes second.
  17. Do you know soldiers worldwide are given caffeine in form of pills to combat tiredness?
  18. Brazil is the highest producer of Coffee.
  19. Dark roasted coffee has less caffeine than lightly roasted one as roasting reduces caffeine level.
  20. Coffee is the most traded commodity!

These are the Facts about caffeine – So, these were few facts about caffeine (coffee) if you know any you can add in comments section below.

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