Need To Grab A Drink? Well We Know The Perfect One According To Your Zodiac!

Drinks according to zodiac signs

Drinks according to zodiac signs – Knowing about your zodiac signs is surely one of the most exciting, interesting and self-pleasing thing that anybody can do to themselves.

People often talk about personality traits, nature, like and dislikes and whatever according to their zodiac signs but today, we are going to make it a bit BOOZY for you guys. We’ll help you understand the type of alcohol you should opt for based on your zodiac personality.

Let’s have a look at the Drinks according to zodiac signs – what should we grab the next time we head towards a bar:

Drinks according to zodiac signs –

  1. Aries- Vodka: Vodka can be taken in a lot of ways but if you belong to the Aries zodiac group then you must go for Vodka Shots or a Strawberry flavored Vodka Martini in particular as the intense dope of Vodka is perfect for an intense personality like yours.
  2. Taurus-Red Wine: People who belong to the Taurus zodiac group and classy, heady and stylish, most of them are food-lovers too and hence, Red Wine is the drink for you as the little happy-high with your favorite food is all that you need.
  3. Gemini-Light Beer: People who belong to the Gemini zodiac sign are the most socialized ones and drink at special occasions. So, in order to maintain their calm and compost around people they should prefer to keep themselves light hence, they should go for a Light Beer to stay calm and lightly high at the same time.
  4. Cancer-Whiskey: People who are a part of the Cancer zodiac group are made for Whiskey. The main problem is that these people are really over-emotional and tend to throw-up their hearts inside-out to people after getting drunk. They should just avoid getting ‘drunk’ in front of everyone and keep the high up in front of their close ones.
  5. Leo-Champagne: Leos are extremely fancy and fleshy, for that matter they should go for Champagne no matter if it’s sparkling, berries or bubbles. It would enhance their aura to the maximum level. What could be better?
  6. Virgo-Gin: Virgos have a very clear and sorted thinking as well as personality and hence, they deserve a drink that compliments it. Virgos should opt for Gins and Tonics to keep their social circle enlightened with their charm after getting drunk.
  7. Libra-Sangria: Librans are one of those chilled, social, happy-go-lucky and unicorn type of people and hence, they need a perfect drink which compliments their colorful aura. For that matter, Sangria is the best one for them.
  8. Scorpio-White Wine: Scorpions are one of the most sexual, sensual, hot and sizzling. Nothing other than White Wine can do justice for the people who are an element of the Scorpion community. Don’t forget to grab that glass the next time you head towards an outing.
  9. Sagittarius-Tequila: Sagittariansare those people who are born to party, who are born to be that particular energy of the party. The party doesn’t start till they don’t get in there; as a result they should grab Tequila for their crazily wild selves.
  10. Capricorn- Scotch: Capricorns are one of the most mature, sophisticated and intelligent group of people in the zodiac department. They ought not to have a drink which doesn’t maintain their charm hence; Scotch is what you should grab.
  11. Aquarius-Pina Colada: Just because people from the zodiac group of Aquarius are a little interested in alcohol and booze hence, the mixture of coconut, lime, pineapple and a little booze is the perfect combination for their decent dope.
  12. Pisces-Cocktail Cosmopolitan: Pisceans are one of those fickle minded people when it comes to alcohol that at one point of time they can take hardest of the hard alcohol while on the other they’ll prefer a pink punch of something. For that matter, they should go for cocktails and especially Cosmopolitan.

These are the drinks according to zodiac signs – So, now that you know that what drink you should go for I would like to remind you that weekend is just around the corner. It’s time to tell your liver to Get, Set, Go!

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