Things You Must Do After Eating Too Much Fatty Foods

Things You Must Do After Eating Too Much Fatty Foods

After eating fatty foods – We all tend to cheat our diet when we get to see tasty food. But sadly, all tasty foods contain a lot of fats and cholesterol in them. And we tend to gallop of that, adding extra pounds to ourselves.

Especially in parties and buffet dinners in 5 stars we end up overeating, as we want to taste everything as if it’s the end of the world! Wink all food lovers do, including me!

Ok we know overeating has adverse effects like indigestion, heart burn, stroke, etc so, every time you over eat follow below-given tricks to get away easily folks!

After eating fatty foods –

  1. Intake of warm or lukewarm water –

Always make sure of taking in at least two cups of warm or lukewarm water. You wonder, why! This helps the evacuation of that oily food you have just consumed. Plus it protects the intestines, stomach, and liver from any harmful damage.

  1. Never doze off right after food –

It’s quite common that people tend to feel drowsy right after food. Hold on. Nothing could be more harmful than this. Make very sure that there is at least an average of 2 hours of time in between food and bed time. This is just because the food that is consumed and the calories just lie in the body un-utilized, leading to accumulation of fat.

  1. Exercise –

Exercise, exercise really well so that the calories by the way of food consumed are burned out. By exercise, it doesn’t mean to start doing rigorous exercise after food. A light walking session will do.

  1. Counter steps

Here are some more tips that Ayurveda has:

               a – Triphala powder

This detoxifier helps in detoxing the body and flushing out all the toxins when consumed regularly

               b – Honey

Honey is the best antidote for the effects of the fatty foods.

               c – Long pepper

Help’s to stimulate the metabolism of fats in the liver.

  1. Avoid cold frozen food like ice creams –

It is always advisable to avoid deserts and cold stuff right after food. Quite, common we all love to have a cold ice cream after some spicy food. But that is a wrong idea that adversely affects the stomach and liver.

  1. Next day or next meal only eat fruits-

Yes if you over ate in lunch ensure in the night you just eat fruits 1-2  to balance the calorie intake and not to forget, drink more water to clean the system. If you over ate in the night which we do in parties next day 1-2 meals eat fruits and veggies.

These are the things that one should do after eating fatty foods – These were some nullifiers for the extremely bad oily and fatty foods.