5 Techniques which will help you to Stay Calm During Anxiety Attack

anxiety attack

In today’s world, stress is a reason that changes your life. Most of us get stressed due to our workload or due to our personal experiences. So, you should get to know about ways of getting rid of that stress or else you will end up having sudden emotional attacks.

1.     Practice slow breathing

When you are having a panic attack the first thing that makes a great change is your breathing pattern. Whenever you are anxious or when you are having a sudden panic attack your regular breathing pattern turns out in an irregular pattern. Eventually, the irregular breathing pattern rises towards a high-level breathing pattern, called hyperventilation. In case of a panic attack you should try to take slow long breaths, which will fill your lungs. It will build up a slow calming breathing pattern. Then you can hold your breath by counting up to three. Then slowly exhale the breath through the nose by relaxing your jaws and muscles.

2.     Focus on one object that you can touch

The other thing that you can do when you are facing a panic attack is focusing on one object. Look around and check whether there is an object in which you can divert your attention. Then look at it and consider its shape, color, pattern, and other external features. You should try to keep all your focus and all your energy towards this one object and then your panic will subsidize eventually. 

3.     Bring a friend

If you personally have a feeling that you will face a panic attack due to personal experience, then you should seek a faithful supportive friend to support you. You should ask a friend of yours whom you trust and who understands your emotional trauma. With that friend beside you, you will feel strong and confident to face the situation. Whether it is an experience related to your ex-lover or a family member who will humiliate you, you should have someone trustworthy beside you for confidence. Then you will feel that you have someone by your side, whom you can open up and whom you can face your worst fears.

4.     Think of a happy situation

Another suggestion when you face a panic attack is to think of a happy situation. All of us have happy memories. We share happiness through simple things. When you are facing a panic attack, you should think of a happy situation. Think of a time where you shared happiness with your family, or with your best friend. Remember that situation and you get relieved. Within a few minutes, you will regain yourself.

5.     Look something funny on the internet

If you are carrying your phone with you then try to look at a funny meme or a funny video. Then you would be able to laugh and relax your mind. You should have saved video collection if you feel a bit insecure about your own feelings. Laugh all you want and try to relax your mind.

You should try these steps if you are facing a panic attack.

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