5 Rules That All College Roommates Need To Establish!


Modern day students flying in from various cities make the easy, affordable and convenient PG or Dorm arrangements to live with other fellow students. And in such arrangements, they do look for comfort and good company, with the roommates.

And of course, comfort comes from a favourable living environment and clean surroundings.

Also, one of the various reasons clean and comfortable living situation is important because it helps to  maintain a less stressful and productive life, and the energies can be used in more important things, especially for students.

And that is why, being in a student life If one chooses to live with roommates, one must establish certain ground rules in order to ensure that each person is doing his fair share and respects each other’s rights.

Here is a comprehensive list of 5 college roommates rules that will help maintain peace and harmony amidst the room partners and co-existence will become a lot easier.

  1. Rules for Chores

This one the most important rule because this helps to maintain the peace and harmony to the utmost. If one roommate is doing all the cleaning and washing stuff and the other seems to be careless about it, trust me, the life will be no lesser than a hell. Make sure there is a clear understanding about the chore responsibility, divided as per the suitable days and time. Roommates need to take responsibility and respect the cleanliness needs of others. Establishing rules regarding housework will lead to a cleaner living situation and a feeling that everyone is doing their share.


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