Why Having Gay Friends Is The Coolest Thing Ever!

He was definitely not like the other guys as he was sensitive, caring, funny, stylish, a solid shoulder to cry on, heartbreakingly handsome and perfect boyfriend material. Except he is gay.

They are a happy lot:
I don’t see him upset, depressed or crying. He is always happy and chirpy, despite his insecurities. He is confident, smart, people-friendly and extremely efficient at his job. So it comes as no surprise when he struts out with a smile on his face, a song in his head and a knowing confidence in his gait. I have tried to learn this tactic from him, but have failed miserably. May be you guys can pick it up? His parents don’t support him, his friends are few, he gets the occasional ‘omg! You’re gay’ stare. But he is never bitter.


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