These 13 English Words Sound Weird But They Exist In Dictionary!

Unusual English Words

In the midst of slang words; there are many unusual English words that’ll leave you confused but they do really exist in dictionaries.

Frankly, these words might not be a surprise for someone who has read the entire dictionary. E.g. Marshall Mathers (Wink!)

Well, at first you might think “are these words really in the dictionary”? They might even confuse you into thinking “These words must be created and so on”. But surprise, these words exist in dictionary and you definitely need to know ‘em.

Check out these unusual English words and update your brain dictionary.

  1. Codswallop

I guess all of us need this word in our life. E.g. That’s entirely codswallop. Wait; don’t get confused Codswallop means Nonsense.

This word was actually named after Hiram Codd, a man who invented fizzy drinks in the year 1875.

  1. Hullabaloo

For all those who work 9-5; this one’s for you. Suppose you want to tell your friend – Today there is a lot of hullabaloo in office. It is a simple word of saying there’s a lot of fuss happening today.

Hullabaloo stands for fuss and loud noises.

  1. Whippersnapper

You can use this word quietly when you see your co-worker acting too smart and stuff. Whippersnapper means overconfident e.g. that little prick is very whippersnapper (Wink!) See try saying; it sounds just so cool.

  1. Quire

When you want to say “I have quire” it directly means “I have two dozen sheets of paper”.

This word was originated in the past 1175-1225.

  1. Blamestorming

This word will seem sounding similar to Brain storming but this world was actually originated in 1990’s.

Blamestorming means blaming somebody for the big mistake they have made.

  1. Gibberish

All the Eminem fans here; you must have heard this word in his collaborative song “Forgot about Dre”. Remember? Just a bunch of gibberish…It means Nonsense or meaningless.

This word is believed to come from a Spanish language.

  1. Discombobulate

You seem a little discombobulate. Cmon! Sure you’re discombobulated. Okay, now don’t be confuse anymore because discombobulate simply means Confusion.

This word was originated in the mid 19th century.

  1. Lackadaisical

Damn! He is totally lackadaisical. You can use this word if you want to tell someone that my friend is carelessly lazy.

This word was originated in the mid 18th century.

  1. Lollygag

When someone texts you like “Hey, what are you doing”? And if you’re doing nothing cool just reply ‘em “Oh! I’m just lollygagging”.

Lollygag means spending time aimlessly.

  1. Snickersnee

“Hey, give me that snickersnee”-or- “I’m going to cut him with snickersnee”. It means a long knife used as weapon.

  1. Shenanigan

This might be hard to pronounce but dang it’s a good word though. Use it like: – I just played a shenanigan on him. Let me clear it for you first- Shenanigan means prankishness.

  1. Dudgeon

I’m having a dudgeon, leave me alone. Dudgeon means bad mood and you can use it to express your feeling of deep resentment.

  1. Doozy

I think you must use it once you’re done reading this content. It means something outstanding or great. Just say- I did something Doozy today (Wink!)

Do you want to add some unusual English words? Let us know in comments below.

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