How to be the soul of a party!

Planning to party tonight? Here’s how you can be the soul of the evening!

Are you planning to chill at your friend’s party? Or have you been invited to your office party? Are you fretting the word ‘party’ because you never seem to ‘fit in’? Well, all that’s going to change! Because today we are going to tell you ways to be the heart and soul of a do..if you follow these steps religiously, you’ll be soon party-hopping and much sought after at page 3 circles. Wanna let your hair down? Read on…

Kickass entry:
Parties are all about leaving an impression. Make sure that your entry into any party is loud and kickass. People have gotta give you a second look if you want to be the soul of the evening. If you enter noiselessly and try to mingle with others, you wouldn’t be able to connect with all. Let folks remember you as the one who caused quite a stir when he/she arrived at so and so’s do. The easiest way to achieve this is by shouting our your host’s name as loudly as you can, while entering the party. Your voice needs to carry over the music and conversation. So be loud, chirpy and absolutely shameless!

So, you have come with your own set of friends. But that doesn’t mean that you stick to them through the night. Hop around a bit and chat up with other groups and try to strike up a pleasant conversation with all. When you’re on your hopping spree, try to be as charming and funny as you can be. So that people give you some time and energy, and not just indulge you in polite conversations. If you can’t think of any good opening lines, just pop over and say something like, ‘hey, guys! Having fun? Do you like this disco music? I am more of a trance person…’ and so on. Keep it gender-neutral, that is, don’t target only the opposite sex.

Dance like crazy:
One of the easiest ways to create a flutter is by owning up the dance floor. Whether it’s ‘Lungi Dance‘ or ‘We Are Young‘, dance like your life depends on it. Your energy and passion will definitely bring in more people onto the floor, which will make you a star for sure! When you have enough number of people on the floor, try to dance with everybody, but make sure to not let anyone feel uncomfortable around you. If somebody’s refusing to budge, let him/her be. You have fun with those who are ready to match steps with you. If you have a core group, make sure to have an impromptu performance for the audiences. If they don’t cheer on wildly, you could call up this writer and call her names.

Participate in games:
Despite you being a zero at any house game, it’s vital that you give them a shot as it’ll elevate your position at the party. Your enthusiastic behaviour will make people sit up and take notice. If you manage to win any, well and good. But if you don’t, it’s okay too. The idea is to make an impression, not necessarily by winning anything. You just be yourself. Be a sport and a good leader. Rest everything will follow!


Clean up before leaving:
It’s a must to clean up your mess. If you want the host to call you again and talk highly about you, please don’t puke on his/her carpet. And if you have, offer to get it cleaned and returned. You should also take care to dispose off used plates, cups and other such items. If you have been drinking, make sure to not leave your empty glasses around the place as it can become really tough for the host/bar/pub to locate them once you have left.

Are there any tips that you follow at parties? Do shout out to us!

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