Woman Who Claims To Have The BIGGEST Buttocks Is A New Social Media Sensation!

Eudoxie Yao

Meet Ivory Coast born ” Eudoxie Yao “- A woman who is TRENDING a lot these days.

She claims to have the biggest buttocks in West Africa and her curvaceous assets are stealing a lot of attention.

Take a look at her:


You might think that she’s faking it all over but hold on your judgements because she says “Her bottoms are all NATURAL” and she has definitely not dabbled in surgery.

She is a big thing now and her bottoms helped her gain 125,000 followers on Instagram. Her videos are totally eye-catchy.

She also flaunts her curves and SEXY figure by wearing skin-tight dresses and oh you can hardly take your eyes off them.

Eudoxie is also a model and keeps appearing to sell events and promote products as well.

Her curvaceous assets: –

Eudoxie Yao

Eudoxie’s biggest bottoms are more than enough to completely flatten Kim Kardashian (Wink!)

Well now that she’s a hit on social media; you can only wait for what’s coming up next from her side. After all she has started grabbing the attention and people are even showing interest in her oh-so-sexy avatar.

As I mentioned it might be hard to believe about her buttocks; there are some television interviewers and radio stations who questioned the same thing.

But look at her – She is literally unstoppable.

In West Africa, she is nothing less than a famous person. (Thanks to her bottoms)

Look at her Instagram snaps: –


Eudoxie Yao


Eudoxie Yao



Eudoxie Yao


Eudoxie Yao

Eudoxie’s Instagram followers are growing day by day and her confident body is keeping her skin tight in cat suits.

She also shared a post of her very own fan made merchandise with t-shirts printed with “Eudoxie Yao Fan Club”. Great, isn’t it?

Follow her on Instagram by clicking here: – eudoxieyao

Source: The Sun

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