“Bromosexual” Friendship Is The New Trend! Find Out What Exactly It Is.

Bromosexual Friendship

“Bromosexual Friendship”

Have you heard about this term “Bromosexual Friendship”? Oh Man! This is certainly making headlines for days now.

Well, you must’ve heard about homosexuality but “Bromosexual” is roaring these days and it is something that shouldn’t be ignored at all.

So, what is Bromosexual friendship? Gay men being friends with straight men and that’s all.

When a gay man is good friend with straight men then their friendship is described as “Bromosexual” nowadays.

In this big world, it’s quite obvious that there are many gay people who are friends with the straight men & that’s absolutely cool. But the rise of this friendship is said to be too much & that’s the main reason they have a name now. (Invention! Really?)

Well, A New York Times article published by Jim Farber titled “The Rise of Bromosexual Friendship” discovered this new trend and since then it has been the talking factor.

Even though this friendship term is stealing way too much attention these days; it is also believed that this concept has been existing since the beginning of time. (Yes, it really does) E.g. such friendships has been featured a lot in pop culture, TV shows etc. And to prove it more clearly take the example of Nick Jonas’ character as Boone (Gay) in Scream Queens and his friendship with Chad, a straight guy with whom he is cuddling.

Bromosexual friendship

It is also believed that earlier gay men were not able to express their “brotherly friendship” with straight men. Earlier, it was hard to talk with straight guys because of the fear- “what will this straight guy think; if I become too frank”?.

Well, the friendship between gay and straight men is so popular now that wonderfully they’ve a name for it. Even though the label was not necessary; the fact that the friendship is growing is pretty cool and therefore in the end there’s nothing wrong about it.

What do you think of Bromosexual friendship? Let us know in comment below.

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