Here is The Complete List of Pakistani Websites That Were Hacked After The Pulwama Attack

Pakistani terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed has recently carried out a deadly attack on an Indian military convoy in the Awantipora district of Kashmir which claimed the lives of at least 42 CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) personnel. The mortal remains of the Jawans were brought to Delhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid wreaths on them to show gratitude to the martyred. Kashmir is a simmering cauldron of hatred and recently, there have an unprecedented spike of such spiteful incidents. We are really shocked to see how effortlessly the terrorists penetrate the tight secrity barriers and hurl such lethal attacks.

We, as a nation are now angry, frustrated and we will release a sigh of contentment only when the attack is avenged. The diplomatic talks are afoot and the mightiest of nations have extended their solidarity. May be Pakistan and India are at the brink of war, may be another surgican strike in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir is going to take place soon. Whatever be the judgement of the Modi government, the hackers have already initiated the revenge operation!

Many of the official websites of Pakistan Foreign Ministry and the Army were hacked on Saturday night, detering those living outside the country to access them. Later, several other websites were hacked and defaced too! The sneering hackers left behind a note that read ‘We will never forget #14/02/2019”.

Going by the report of a Pakistani news agency Dawn, the users stationed in other countries were unable to access the websites in question although they were working fine within the country. According to the spokesperson of Pakistani Foreign Ministry Muhammad Faisal, “”The website is functioning without any issues in Pakistan. However, visitors to the website from Holland, Australia, Britain, and Saudi Arabia are facing difficulty opening it.”

In the wake of social media, the list of hacked websites stared circulating already. You will also get a WhatsApp comprising of the list of the Pakistani Foreign Ministry websites that were hacked on Saturday night by a group of vengeful hackers. Some social media platforms claimed that, “Pakistan has faced its worst cyber attack in history, in last 72 hours”.  However, a Pakistani IT team brought the websites back to normal now. Faisal further added that, “”The IT team is currently occupied in thwarting the hackers onslaught,”

Here is a comprehensive list of the hacked Pakistani websites that sent the users in a tizzy:

  1. https://sindhforests.gov.pk/op.html
  2. https://mail.sindhforests.gov.pk/op.html
  3. https://pkha.gov.pk/op.html
  4. https://ebidding.pkha.gov.pk/op.html
  5. https://mail.pkha.gov.pk/op.html
  6. http://kda.gkp.pk/op.html
  7. http://blog.kda.gkp.pk/op.html
  8. http://mail.kda.gkp.pk/op.html
  9. https://kpsports.gov.pk/op.html
  10. https://mail.kpsports.gov.pk/op.html
  11. http://seismic.pmd.gov.pk/op.html
  12. http://namc.pmd.gov.pk/op.html
  13. http://rmcpunjab.pmd.gov.pk/FlightsChartFolder/op.html
  14. http://ffd.pmd.gov.pk/modis/op.html
  15. https://badin.opf.edu.pk/14-02-2019.php 
  16. http://radar.pmd.gov.pk/islamabad/op.html 

You can read the Pakistani news agency Dawn’s report on the issue here.

Pakistan  Ministry’s Foreign Affairs website was accessible in India but whenever someone attempted to open the Pakistani Army website, the following message cropped up, “”The owner of this website has banned the country or region your IP address is in (IN) from accessing this website.”

Read more about the news here.

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