Negligence of Creating Jobs Worsens After Covid-19 Pandemic

covid-19 pandemic

When we look back into the unemployment graph in 2019 before the Covid-19 pandemic, it already indicates a sharp fall in unemployment. It was from the month of August when the situation started to worsen after September 2016, which experienced a major difficulty in providing jobs to the countrymen.

The situation of the Indian economy was not so impressive before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. While small businesses were inspired along with the start-up companies, to boost up the future economy of India. But it has been always a difficult position for categories who wants a hiked salary job. Jobs and small scale businesses both are entirely emerging into unequal strategies.

Future of high investors in education before and after the COVID-19 pandemic

Is the high education the reason for unemployment in India? Small businesses or entrepreneurs are likely to work on production-related to household things. Few are found to earn through sewing and stitching while some are creating magic with the sweet and sour pickles. Minor classes are enabled to work on great production scales with handmade works. But when we compare the situation of high education pursuing sections lacks progress; with the small business who are earning from their hand made skills are more influential in earnings.

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High investments in education are not at all benefiting from any corner while residing in India. The main reason to migrate to other rich countries is the lack of job opportunities. But as the proximity to earning high in countries like the US, Australia has declined after the pandemic. High education with mass investments has drastically pulled down their career.

After pandemic India and the employment

Employment or vacancy graph are not going to show anything good on lines, after the COVID -19 pandemic. Freshers do not have any ways to route themselves to better tracks in their careers and jobs. On the other hand, those who have paid for high education are likely not to acquire the expected salary. Specifically, when the employees are facing cut-offs of 30 percent to 50 percent.

Migrant workers are no longer earning any wages, as they were called off after the onset of the lockdown. Contract-based workers are hardly able to work on any deals as mostly are canceled or held. Similarly, the countries who are majorly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic was employing the Indians are now shattered themselves. About billions of people are no longer employed and few are bound to return back to the country.

Established businesses are out of their profit cycle after the lockdown period, hitting small businesses and market places. It was till 2019 that women had increased employment by joining on the contract based jobs and by the small scale businesses. But the globally hit Covid-19 pandemic has entirely broken the strategy severely for the young generation with high graded qualification. The evolving paradigms should have a new thought for not only the poor or high-class basis but looking into depth focusing on the high education and investing criteria of India.

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