#ModiInAmerica: A Rockstar Welcome In The US

On September 29, Prime Minister Modi will meet US President Barack Obama at White House and members of the US Congress.

No foreign leader in the history of United States of America had pulled out such a big crowd like Prime Minister Narendra Modi did on his arrival to the nation.

From JFK Airport to the New York Palace Hotel in Manhattan, there were lots of people lining up to get a glimpse of him.

The crowd was cheering, chanting his name and desperate to get a picture of him.

And the leader stepped out of his convoy to humbly greet his fans and give them happiness.


The Prime Minister will address the United Nations General Assembly today.

Setting the tone for his visit, the Prime Minister had penned down an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal a day earlier where he said, “The United States is our natural global partner. India and the US embody the enduring and universal relevance of their shared values.”

“India will be open and friendly — for business, ideas, research, innovations and travel. In the coming months, you will feel the difference even before you begin your travel to India,” he had further added.

Hindustan Times reports, “The Washington leg of his trip starts on Monday. His discussions with Obama will cover a gamut of issues, from trade, defence and security issues to India’s economic growth, climate change and current international challenges such as ISIS.”

Delhi and Washington have strong security and trade ties, but relations have deteriorated in recent months. India’s refusal to sign a global trade deal, a row over alleged American surveillance on the governing BJP and a diplomatic spat involving an Indian envoy soured ties.

But Prime Minister Modi’s visit is expected to do just what could mend the ties. Trade and business are expected to top the agenda of the visit which comes a day after he unveiled his new ‘Make in India’ campaign, aiming to turn the country into a global manufacturing hub. During his four-day visit, he is expected to meet top leaders of Fortune 500 companies, including Google, IBM, GE and Boeing.

But the highlight, it is expected, will be the Madison Square Garden.


It is learned that the tickets to Madison Square Garden have sold out where Prime Minister Modi is scheduled to speak on September 28 during his four day trip to the States. Those who did not get the tickets need not be disheartened for the organizers of the event have announced that they could gather at Times Square where the Indian leader’s address would be broadcast live on a large screen.

On September 29, Prime Minister Modi will meet US President Barack Obama at White House and members of the US Congress.

We hope that Prime Minister Modi’s show is extraordinary like his rock-star images.

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