If You Want To Make India Beggar-Free, Then Say NO To Beggars And Use This Trick!

Make India Beggar-Free

“Make India Beggar-Free”

If you really love and respect your country, then you’ve to make a move and start doing this work.

Firstly, when you go to temples, you must be giving 5-10 rupees to the beggars, right? So, the next time you go there, use this trick and tell them that you’ll give them money if they promise to give something in return. Tell them- “The next time I come here, you’ve to give me money to buy flowers and if you do so then while going I’ll give extra 5-10 rupees”.

If the beggar is really needy & helpless, then he’ll really think about what you just told him. And on the other side, your donation technique will go into the right hands.

If that beggar agrees then he’ll definitely feel self-sufficient but if he’s lazy, then he will never agree. Indirectly, this plan will somehow help you find out two things. One is, which beggars who sit near temples everyday are in need and second is, which ones are asking money just to have fun.

I know this isn’t as easy as it looks like and that’s why you have to be smart enough to deal with it. You need to do one more thing- The people who are selling flowers etc, you can tell them the plan and convince them to work on it too. Not every beggar but at-least 2-3 beggars will seriously respond to your plan.

Also, not just near temples, but the place where you’re staying, inform the people over there to do the same thing. Luckily if 1-2 beggars follow your plan, then all the other beggars will be forced to do the same thing. Cause’ if the agreed beggar buys flowers to worship then indirectly he is only getting more money.

Doing so will do two things i.e. beggars will get money and they’ll inspire others to get involved too. In reality, there are many people who want to help beggars but they simply don’t like their attitude and approach.

But this give-n-take trick will work out in a best way.

Now that you know about how to deal with the beggars, tell your friends to do the same thing. If you seriously want to make India beggar-free, then you can join Youngisthan’s campaign as well.

Do you have anything to add about how to make India beggar-free? Let us know in comments below.

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