‘Made in India’ Strengthening Our National Security

National Security

National Security – Depending on others for your safety always leaves a hole in the full proof security.

Sensing the importance, the government of India along with the Indian industries is working on the projects initiated under ‘Made in India’. Few days back, Nirmala Sitharaman our Defence Minister has handed over two indigenous tank engines prepared for the battleground; to the Indian army. These tanks are produced by the Engine Factory Avadi (EFA), a unit of Ordnance factory board (OFB). It is a great achievement for the nation.

V-46-6 and V92S2 are high power multi-fuel engines, which are meant to strengthen the tanks Ajeya and Bhisma. Though the engines are based on Russian designs, but all the parts of the machine are manufactured in India.The high-power diesel engine with 1000 HP capacity is tailored with the T-90 battle tank engine Bhisma. V46-6, the other one is also a powerful diesel engine with the capacity of 780 HP, and it is fitted in T-72 battle tank Ajeya.

National Security

When such powerful machines are manufactured within the country without any imported support system, it automatically boosts the self-reliance of OFB along with the nation. This ‘Made in India’ project has resulted into savings of more than Rs 40lakhs. These machines are a huge contribution towards the national security forces.

National Security

Another project is gaining pace for strengthening the national security under ‘Made in India’. For the very first time Indian vehicle manufacturer Ashok Leyland has taken its first step towards delivering heavy duty, high mobility vehicles for the Army’s rocket launchers. The strategic missiles developed by DRDO will also roll over the Indian wheels. These vehicles would be of 360 HP Neptune engines, and is designed in such a way, that it can carry upto 27 tonnes and can accelerate to 60kmph. Some of the vehicles would have rocket launching cranes fitted.

National Security

One way we are having Indian engines for the powerful tanks and on the other the Indian wheels are gearing to serve the country. What a proud and secure moment for the nation. More we believe in ourselves, more the world will also change their views. Nothing can stop you, when you are determined to shine. Safeguarding the country is the sole concern of the defense system of a nation, and when you arm them with such power of weapon and machine, then it is a moral booster.

We all know that; our defense system is always ready to fight for us and keep us safe. But all such ‘Made in India’ projects are about self-reliance, which is the first thing for empowering anything under the sky and they give more power to our beloved soldiers. These scenarios of a developing India not only save chunks of money, but it also eases the fear of being rejected by any foreign power, any moment of time.

Depending on foreign countries for national security is always a stumbling block, the services have tough time in need, when not available. These indigenous projects have proved that engines, vehicles, and other equipment can be manufactured in the country with ace.

All that, we can do is thank such developments and breathe more freely in the near future.

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