7 Facts About One Of Largest Slums Dharavi You Have No Idea


A city within a city, Dharavi spread across 600 hectares of land in the heart of Mumbai.

This multi ethnic slum have small hut-ments and is considered as one of the densest places on earth.

Only one percent of area have access to proper hygiene and sanitation. But what shines through the filth and problem ridden area  are their spirit and  industriousness.

Unfortunately people have stereotypical image in their mind of Dharavi as shown in pop culture.

Dharavi is not just filthy place where poor people live it is one of the must-visit-destination for tourists and the place boasts of a hot bed of small to medium factories and their level have scaled up to international markets.

Today we thought of getting deeper insight in to the  smart slum of Mumbai. So we have rounded up some interesting facts about Dharavi which may change your perspective about slums and slum dwellers.

1.  In the 18th century Dharavi was an island.

This place now has a population of around 600,000 people. And is divided in industrial and residential area.


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