Not Poor But The Graduates And Post Graduates Are Also Begging On The Streets!

Beggars In India

“Beggars In India”

Watching beggars on the streets must be making you feel that they’ve no other option than begging. But if you come to know that in-between these poor beggars, there are some who are educated ones, then what will be your reaction?

Let me tell you, according to a report, there are many beggars who are educated with degrees i.e. they are graduates, post graduates and even the Diploma holders. In these days, it won’t be surprising if you come across beggars who talk in English while begging. Yes!!

In many parts of the country, when the survey is done, many shocking results come out of it. Almost 200 beggars in India were found who were not only educated but they had the degree too. Despite the good qualification, they choose to beg.

In the year 2011, there was a census report in which the beggars with their educational qualification were clearly mentioned. This might surprise you but – according to the report, there were total 3.72 Lakh beggars in India

Many institution claims that there are more than 3.72 Lakh beggars in our country. Based on the official figures, out of 3.72 Lakh beggars, at-least 21 % are beggars who are 12th pass. And there are 3000 beggars who have professional degree in diploma courses. Well, even the graduates and post graduates are not less.

No doubt, to make India beggar free, many state and central government tried their best. Even the government tried to bring the beggars out of it but they refused to accept it. According to the beggars, the money begging can provide is incomparable to the money every person gets from 9 hour duty. More disgusting thing is that, even the educated ones are not ready to leave begging.

Hence, this creates a different image in the minds of people.

Some beggars revealed that they chose beggary not because they enjoy it, but it is all because they had no other option. They believe that even the degree and qualification standard is not helping ‘em to create a career. So in short, beggary was the only source of income.

Many experts strictly don’t believe in this logic and they say- how can it be possible that begging brings more peace as compared to other professional work?

Many educationalists believe that the absence of synergy between the employments is the main reason for this situation today. Whereas some say that in our country, begging is often mistaken.

It has always been seen that at first, beggars used to beg because they really had no other option, but as soon as the time passed, they took it as a business.

That’s why, if the government really wants to make India- beggar free, then they must take strict actions and work on a good plan. Or else, the dream of making India “beggar free” will always remain a dream.

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