6 Indian Restaurants Still Stands After Crossing Centuries

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Luxurious, top-rated restaurants with acres of land occupancy with beautiful landscapes, different continental foods have been established in modern India. The ethnicity of the old Indian restaurants has always been incomparable.  The food items that have the touch of ethnic India and tradition now are more than 100 years old.

People traveling to India from different parts of the world find it impossible to return without trying the ethnic delicacies from a few of the Indian restaurants. These places are served the same and unforgettable food items for more than one year.

Some of the Indian Restaurants for 100 years or more

Serving for hundreds of years few of the top leading restaurants for years are situated in different parts of India. The enigmatic food dishes are still mandatory to discover specially for food lovers. It is to know and experience the pure taste of the spices, food, and the iconic, unchangeable ambiance.

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Dilkusha Cabin, Kolkata

Fish Kabiraji is one of the traditional food of India, and Dilkusha cabin, Kolkata has nurtured maintaining the flavor and food. The restaurant is more than 100 years old, which attracts not only adults but also young ones. Apart from this iconic food, chicken Kabiraji is an attraction of this cabin.

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Delhi Mistanna Bhandar Shillong

Serving for more than 100 years, Delhi Mistanna Bhandar, Shillong was established before Independence. Jalebi has been always the heartthrob of sweet lovers. Though the restaurant has many varieties of special sweet dishes, Jalebi is still the most favorite for all the old to the young ones.

Leopold’s Café, Mumbai from oldest Indian restaurants

One of the popular and historical restaurants in Mumbai is Leopold’s Café that was established in 1871. Not for hundred years but the eatery places stands for more than one a half centuries. It was a business of an oil store which later turned into a restaurant. The special dishes found here are Red pepper, vegetarian pasta, classic dishes ranging from Italian to Chinese.

Dorabjee and sons, Pune

More than 140 years old is the Dorabjee and sons located in Pune. It was built during the 19th century, built by the Parsis. The restaurant has the Parsi delicacies established in 1878. The iconic food of this restaurant is the Dhansak, (Mutton Paya). This is the restaurant that serves from Indian cuisines to continental.

Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, Bangalore

Unique unforgettable restaurant, Mavalli Tiffin Rooms that serve vegetarians since 1970 in Bangalore. It was during World War there was a rise in emergencies leading to food scarcity. The MTR was founded by Parampally Yagnanaranyana Maiya, it was then the restaurant converted to an instant food business. After suffering from hard times during the war it stabilized and is still serving after several ups and downs.

Glenary’s Bakery

For cakes, bakery, and tea Glenary’s Bakery, Darjeeling is one of the leading Indian restaurants. The age of the food space is more than a century. Making people mesmerized with delicious flavors and snacks it stands as one of the oldest and best bakeries of India.

The traditional places with amazing servings of food items and delicacies, the Indian restaurant established over 100 years are the pride of India.

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