These Cute Animals Can’t Hide Their Emotions

Animals that cannot hide emotions – Looking at animals can really be stree-bursting because they are not pretentious and make your heart melt with their antics effortlessly.

A person who doesn’t love animals, music or children is limited. Animals have profound emotions in their heart and different means altogether to express it. The key reason why you should love animald because looking at their innocent ways to attract your attention helps the chaos in your mind to simmer down.

To tell you, if you are having a dog, you perhaps are the luckiest person because in one hand it will pledge its allegiance towards you and on the other, it will be your security blanket. Dogs have emotions like tsunami waves inside but here are some Animals that cannot hide emotions too:

Animals that cannot hide emotions –

This is how grumpy an angry cat is:

You asked her what happened to her and she retorted ‘nothing’ but she roamed about with a face like this all day.

The dog when it’s piqued:

Having attitude is all right but this is how you fume when you order for mutton Biriyani in a five star and they say they are running out of it so that you have to make-do with pulav, and then to compensate, they ask you whether you want a dessert for free, this is what you be like.

The taxpayer’s problem:

The problem is eternal and there is nothing much you can do to change it. But this is how exactly you would react if you were a Panda and you knew they levied a tax on eating leaves too.

When you pose for a photograph and smile ear-to-ear:

You are asked to pose for a photograph by a friend who pwns a DSLR and is a rage in the group, this is how much flashy your smile becomes.


You can have all of thr chocolate ice-cream now and pass the blame on hooman:

So mom is asleep and the fridge is your in its entirety now. You can sneak into it, prowl on anything you like and mom will never know because you feign innocence the next day.

This is how you hide from your ex:

You just saw your ex pass by with a hottie and you are still single, so to avoid the awkward meeting, you rathrr choose to hide. Hiding too is a skill and this deer’s one can’t be trifled with.

Has the EORS started in Myntra already?

OMG really? What was I doing binge watching Netflix? I need to shop. You betcha!

I won’t steal food again:

If I did, still don’t punish puhleez! I am just a harmless Chipmunk.

Bought property in the Moon, off I go:

I am all set to settle there. Ab tumhare hawale watan sathiyo!

These are the Animals that cannot hide emotions – They can really make hilarity ensue, these cuties!

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