These Are The Problems of Girls With Long Hair

We all grew up listening to the story of Rapunzel, the unfortunate princess who was held captive by an evil witch. When her prince charming came to rescue her from the enormous tower with no stairs, she descended her let her long braid down the window to help him climb. Now, as little girls, we too wanted to have a braid as long as hers but that dream never came true!

But then, thanks to Ashwini hair oil, well kidding, some girls have managed to keep their mane as luscious and long. Their braid may grab many eyeballs but contrary to your belief, life is not bed of roses for them. Here are the common problems that every girl with long hair faces:

You always lose your favorite scrunchie:

Like Lara Jean Covey offered her scrunchie to Peter Kavinsky as a token of love, you can’t dare be as filmy dramatic. You have lost many a scrunchies and now that it has just reduced to one, you can’t let go of it, never!

You convince yourself that the hair elastic clasped around your wrist looks chic:

You  believe that it is some silver bracelet which looks pretty stylish. Of course it’s not with those gross strands of hair stuck in it, duh!

Your hair always gets stuck in your scarf during winter:

You want to bob it like one of those girls in Instagram but parents!

You are tired of that boring ponytail:

Tying your hair up in a ponytail has become so humdrum for you that you tend to even forget that you have long hair in the first place.

We understand your horror when you find your hair in your food:

Even worse, the ones that you serve food finds them in their plate and scoffs at you! looks like you should have started using Ashwini already. Like for real!

Only god can help you in the missionary position:

You always have to make sure that your hair is tied in a high-bun while you are on top during your intercourse. Or else, well you are smart!

The panic attack when you pull out some discarded mush from the shower drain:

It so looks like Medusa’s snakes coiled in there! argh! you feel like you will go bald in no time.

Your hair always sticks to your armpits when you are at the gym:

Even if you make sure to secure all your hair up in a ponytail, there are always some strands that will be unruly. They will stick to your armpits and the pull at the follicles is painful. Ghastly!

You can’t trim the brittle ends:

You have brittle ends very frequently but you are still afraid to trim your tresses off because you fear to lose your identity of the long haired girl.

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