Writer Stereotypes We Need To Do Away With Immediately

Stereotypes surrounding writers are some of the most hilarious ones. If you are a writer, here are pointers you would definitely connect with.

Every occupation in India as well as rest of the world has stereotypes.

These beliefs are often false, but so prevalent that when someone talks about a particular occupation, you instantly get a mental stereotypical picture of the profession.

Stereotypes are here to stay and yes, they are annoying.

Here, I wish to cover stereotypes surrounding writers. There are numerous labels that are as annoying as stereotypes for other professions. 

Depression Makes Writers


It is a common notion that a writer or a poet writes creates some of the best works when they are depressed. Where it might be true to a few writers, not all writers see depression or solitude, for that matter, as a motivation factor.


All Writers Come from Literature Background


Again, this is a common stereotype. Though up and coming writers may prefer literature as an option for their higher studies, there are many who are either MBA professionals, Chartered Accountants or Economists, to name a few.


Writers Wear Khaki at All Times


Not true. Movies and TV shows often portray writers as wearing khaki and a pair of flip flop quite often. This, however, is not the case, as many writers willingly adopt the modern day trends, ridding of silly stereotypes.


Writers Sport Thick Beards


I remember meeting a schoolmate of mine after a decade or so, also the time when I was sporting a beard (just because I had not shaved clean). He came to know about my job and enquired if I was sporting beard because of my profession. Well, no; not all writers sport thick beards like in the movies.


All Writers Have Typewriters


The time of typewriters are way gone by. Very few people use this device. Writers, on the other hand, either prefer laptops, tablets or desktop PCs to write their stories. Many of them ever prefer writing, ensuring that they do not break the age old tradition.


Chai and Biscuit


Have you ever been asked by one of your non-writer friends whether you always have a cup/glass of tea and a packet of biscuit while writing your story? Yes, this is another misconception surrounding writers.


Writers Carry Jhola


A jhola, as it is often called in Hindi, is a bag often made out of jute bag or some other material for writers to carry their books, pens or any technical device that they might be carrying. Alas! Writers do not carry jholas. What is this, the 70s?


Shabby Lifestyle


Many people misconceive writers’ lives as being shabby. Writers wear same clothes almost every day, live in messy little apartments, never get a haircut are some of the negative notions about writers.


No Girlfriend/Boyfriend


Writers do have girlfriends/boyfriends; in fact, this lot is one of the happiest bunches of females/males living on planet earth. They are, at times, the perfect motivation for their better halves to create some of the masterpiece stories or phrases.

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