Your iPad Can Make You Look Like A Wannabe… Find Out How!

Why do people click pictures with their iPad? Does the size of that device matter to anyone and does anyone care how silly they look during the act?

I browsed the Internet and came across many topics providing suggestions as to how people can click better pictures with their iPad.

My question is why click pictures with the iPad anyway. It’s a travesty.

Does the size of that thing look right to you?! Its display size is close to 10 inches, for crying out loud.

Carrying it alone is a task; imagine clicking pictures with it. Nevertheless, people do it and it’s annoying.

Here are several reasons why you should stop taking pictures with your iPad.

This picture by M.F. Hussain (whatever it may be) does not deserve to be clicked with an iPad.


…And neither does the splendid Taj Mahal


You will also get the urge to click selfies. This is how you will look during the act.


You risk losing your iPad at a concert because the chance of someone knocking it out of your hand is high.


Imagine sitting on the first row of a live event with your iPad above your head. In the process, you will be blocking other people’s view.


Even if you are in a public space, you will have people around you and they will not take it seriously when you have a big phone raised in the air just to click a picture.


Also during a wedding, it will only be you with your large iPad clicking pictures (…and protecting it from theft), whereas others will enjoy to their best potential.


iPad devices are big in size, which is why you will have to tilt your head to one side while clicking your picture while standing in front of the mirror.


It might happen that a riot breaks out and you would want to take a picture of it. You ought to run away from a riot; not stand there and take pictures.


Time and again, you will receive phone calls on your iPad and with a big device pressed against your ear you are sure to look like this.


Taking a selfie against the sun would be a daunting task, as you will always have iPad shadow on your face.


Above all, it is a stupid idea to take picture with such a massive device.

It is a grave inconvenience to you as well as people around you.

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