If Guys Had Periods… This Will Make Every Girl Laugh!!

If Guys Had Periods

If Guys Had Periods – Periods are all about cramps, pain, mood swing, which all girls have to face every month just to prove that they are no pregnant!

Periods are the worst enemy and man can never ever understand what women’s go through during these 4-5 days. But every girl in her mind prays or thinks what if men go through all this pain and cramps?

How they will react?

So, girls here are answers to your questions that how would men feel if they go through this menstrual stage.

This is something you can’t miss reading!

If Guys Had Periods –

1 – Kids would tease each other:

This would be funny! If boys have a period they will tease each other by telling them“hey see I m bleeding before you”. I am a man and I can produce baby too. But, yet I am not pregnant.

2 – Excuses

If boys go through a menstruation they will surely make excuses on their period day! Mommy cook for me, it’s my first day I need rest, or sir I was unable to do my house task as I was bleeding

3 – Pain killer ads

There will be a lots of ads on television related to pain killer as men are pathetic in handling all the thing and even the pain

4 – No complaints

This would be amazing that no matters how much you are in pain but you can’t express, you can’t utter even a single feeling that what you are facing. So that girls won’t get that it is your period day!

If Guys Had Periods then these things would happen. It’s funny and also pleasure for girls to check out means like this. One of their dream come true situation!

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