Live Life King-size With #Punjabis Around

How living around Punjabis can change the life – Live life king-size with Punjabis around – Friends or not, having a Punjabi around for company can drastically change the way you lead your life.

Friends or not, having a Punjabi around for company can drastically change the way you lead your life.

Personally, I believe that these impatient-looking, crazy people come from one of the most lovable ethnicities from around the world.

Not only are they high on life, but with them around, you are bound to live life larger than ever, too.

These are some of the many qualities that you come across in a Punjabi, who could eventually go on to become your best pal.

If you ask me, I would rate Punjabi food as one of the best delicacies that one could taste in their lifetime. You are guaranteed to eat more than just one bite of their food. Traditional dishes like Sarso ka Saag and Chole Bhature go a long way with foodies. With constant inventions, you can now also find Punjabi pizza and pastas as in-demand delicacies.


You can learn the language too. Punjabi is quite different to speak and fun at the same time. Cuss words, just like any other language, in Punjabi are a delight.


If you want to hear funny stories, you need to be around Punjabis. They have a very unique way of telling stories keeping you entertained even if the topic of discussion is serious.


Arguably, Punjabis are the loudest people. Nevertheless, it is their energy that sweeps you off your feet and encourages you to join the bandwagon. You are guaranteed to never feel sad around them.


It is best to have at least one person who always speaks their mind; if this person is a Punjabi all is well and good. You are assured of receiving honest opinion on whatever queries that you might have irrespective of the subject.


By any chance, if you end up getting into a fight, you will always have someone to back you. Somebody better not insult you or they will end up waking in a hospital bed.


Punjabis have an amazing song collection. I assure that even if the song is not a Bollywood mainstream track, but a local one, you are assured of enjoying it.


Some of them are good dancers as well. But what if you are not? Well, you can find the ones to match your type too. All you have to do is get on the dance floor.


If you are a drinker, you have good, responsible people in your company. Your Punjabi friends are always up for a drink.


If you ever commit a mistake, don’t expect them to be mad at you for too long. However, do not take them lightly either.


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