‘Face Blanket’ Could Be The Most Ludicrous Human Invention Ever

Face Blanket

Think about the different ways by which you can protect your face.

Then you throw in something called the ‘face blanket’ and suddenly the entire situation appears ludicrous.

Face blanket could be the worst invention ever

Face blanket could be the worst invention ever

The unfortunate thing is that one such product does exist. Made from recycled pop bottles, this fleece comes with a hole that facilitates easy breathing.

It is available in varied colours giving you choices to pick the preferred one.

This advert helps you understand the ‘mechanics’ of the product in picture.

It comes at $9.99 and can be bought easily from Amazon. But how can one such product exist? What’s stopping people from picking a skin-friendly cloth, cutting a hole in it to conveniently breathe and using it during their visit to different venues?

The aforementioned video even explains how the face blanket ‘comes in handy’ in various situations.

Technically, you can use it to keep your face warm, at the same time keeping the electricity bill low. You can use it during camping trips where the weather often is cold.

Face blanket can be used under different situations

Face blanket can be used in different situations

Did you know you can use this fleece as a BDSM prop??!!! Think about it, you can put it over your or your partner’s head and get down with the business.

Coincidentally (and unfortunately), it makes as a great gift around holidays as well. Again, just painting a picture – a projected BDSM item that you can gift children over the holidays. (Yes, it’s preposterous!)

As per the video, the blanket can be useful when your partner’s ‘in the mood’ and you are not. Just put the fleece over your head to show your displeasure.

Teenagers, on the other hand, can use the fleece to cover their head while sneaking out of their house. (Sending a “good” message, aren’t we?)

The video also shows people assembled at a social gathering, with two individuals playing exes. You can protect yourself from your ex using this fleece cloth.

Initially, they launched a blanket that people could wear named Snuggie; they invented The Necky, which individuals could wear around their neck.

Now it’s this video explaining the many ways with which the face blanket can be useful. If you face pressing problems in life, you know who to approach; THE PRICE IS JUST $9.99!!!


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