Small studio apartment design tips

With these budget designs tips, you can turn your shoebox-sized apartment into a charming, warm, homely place.


After running across the city and spending a fortune of time, you have finally zeroed down on a place to rent, which is not any bigger than the kitchen you have back home. It is exactly not making you happy, but you were left with no choice looking at the budget you had.

We can totally relate with you and have come up with a few budget ideas that will help you make a home out of the shoebox that you have got yourself into.

  1. Paint it light: A light shade of paint will give an illusion of a bigger space. You can go ahead with the classic ivory white or the chic pastel hues of blue, green, yellow and pink, which are in vogue these days. 
  1. Place a mirror: Get your hands on a quirky, large, Old World mirror from Chor Bazaar and install it on one of the walls. It will make the space appear almost twice the size and will also be functional. 
  1. A running library: Obviously you have a lot of books and you don’t seem to find any solution big enough to take care of each. The best and cheapest idea would be to call a carpenter and ask him to fix two sheets of cardboard on the wall, each 20 inches each, one below the other with a gar sufficient to store the books upright, along the length and breadth of your bed. Keep all your books and diaries stocked neat and clean there and you won’t have to move around much. 
  1. Bed with storage: Instead of getting a separate wardrobe for your clothes, go for a bed, which has storage drawers, and keep all your clothes nicely folded inside. Fix in wheels so that you can move it around the house easily. 
  1. Open kitchen: If you are staying alone, you wouldn’t need much utensils. If you don’t have a designated area for kitchen, identify a favourable corner for cooking, preferably near the window.  Place a marble slab and fix in the stove and cylinder. Use the wall to hang a stand to stack in all your utensils. You can also place a rectangular wooden table right opposite the kitchen slab and squeeze in two chairs and it will act as a dining area. You can also use the place when you have friends coming over to your place. 
  1. TV on the wall: If you have a tv then use the wall to hang it. You can put a compact chest beneath it to keep all your dvds and other such stuff. 
  1. Compact workspace: These days you have a lot of interior brands coming up with multi-purpose compact workspaces, where you can place your laptop and all the other paraphernalia, using hardly any space. Or best, you can get inspired from a few design ideas on the net and ask your carpenter to copy the design.

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