Miley Cyrus: The fall of a pop star

Known more for her twerking and break-up than her songs, Miley Cyrus is certainly going through a rough patch. Is it the ultimate fall of a pop star?

The 20-year-old diva has been in the news more for her twerking and break-up than her talents. For Miley Cyrus, success came early when she became every young girl’s role model through Disney’s popular show ‘Hannah Montana’. Cyrus played a role of a normal teenager who is also a world famous pop star. The show catapulted her to global fame and she started cutting bestselling albums one after the other.


But the glitz and glamour of the big, bad world of Hollywood got to her when she let the fame go to her head. The pop diva started doing hard drugs, went almost nude in her Twitter pictures and started twerking on stage…in fact, in her ‘post-Liam’ performance recently, she broke down and became extremely emotional. It’s her errant behaviour that has made former fiancé Liam Hemsworth part ways with her. If somebody had guided her on time, would she have not ruined her career like this? Despite being decently talented, the singer is not known for her singing prowess as much as she is for her sexy image and cocaine-laden adventures.  It’s quite sad, considering how popular her pop hits have been. When she found love in her ‘The Last Song’ co-star Chris Hemsworth, it looked like her troubles were a thing of the past. The duo looked every bit the smitten couple and looked all set to tie the knot by the end of the year.


There’s certain ‘punk’ image that all pop stars need to put on in order to connect with their fans on an intimate level. But the failure to draw lines between act and fact is what ruining the careers of many talented artists. Because Cyrus was a child star who shot to fame early on in life, she feared being slotted into the ‘cute’ category. So she had to do something drastic, like a ill-suited pixie, to come across as sexy and matured. Many child artists grow up with identity crisis, thanks to the expectations of their fans. Cyrus had had a rather tough childhood because she hails from a broken family where she has a number of half-siblings from both her parents.  Her country singer father Billy Ray Cyrus acted alongside his daughter in Hannah Montana and the two became quite famous, which helped re-launch Billy’s career. But Miley, after whom her character was named in the Disney series, became an overnight sensation with TV, film and ad endorsements coming her way.


This instant fame sent her flying down the ladder of success as she couldn’t handle the rush of glamour. She succumbed to bad choices that did nothing to propel her career. Isn’t it rather upsetting that a girl who held the Guinness record for ‘Most Charted Teenager before she was 18 is now a complete disaster? It’s high time she cleaned up her act and got back into pop songs, because we don’t want her to go the Britney Spears way.  This girl has potential, we hope she wouldn’t throw it all away on sex acts that are bound to piss her kiddie audiences off…

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