Is Hollywood’s Shining Star Angelina Jolie Announcing Her Retirement?

We talk about Angelina Jolie’s recent statement that she wishes to call it quits. However, she changed her mind and said she will do selective roles. That’s actually good news for her fans, who have loved her in her recent flick Maleficent!

In a way yes, in a way no!

Don’t get confused and disheartened guys.

It is not easy for us either to even think about Angelina Jolie retirement, at least not yet. She is so young, looks strikingly gorgeous and has so many years of movies left in her. That is why when she had announced sometime back that her next flick based on Cleopatra could be her last venture, we all were left dejected and hugely disappointed. She had felt that a role about Cleopatra could be like icing on the cake for her long and illustrious career so far; a perfect ending to an eventful cinematic journey.

However, it seems winds of change blew over her mind, prayers of millions of her fans got answered and she had a change of heart. Instead of retiring completely and focusing on her other interests like philanthropy, raising kids, writing, directing and many more, she has decided to work selectively in films. This means she might not do every role she is offered but would only take up offers which challenge her as an actress! Fair enough!

Theoretically speaking, the best time to retire is when you give your best! She has just delivered her best commercially successful movie yet, Maleficent. It crossed $500 million and is still making money! Not only critics but all her fans are raving about her dazzling looks, stellar performance and her over-all magnetic appeal in the otherwise average flick. Angelina has single-handedly anchored the course of the movie with her super villainess looks to make it a brilliant commercial success! Not many actresses can boast of such a feat in male-dominated industry.

Why should she hang up her boots then? She is the only actress who is blessed with such a startling beauty that her face, not her body, is enough to make men go crazy and even wet for her! Can you believe it? In an industry where every actress is getting naked for no rhyme or reason, here is an actress seducing the opposite sex just with her face. Incredible, isn’t it? Even Angelina has gone un-apologetically naked many times but her sex-appeal lies in her high cheek bones, pouty lips, that broad forehead and those mysterious deep eyes which make every girl jealous of her while also sowing the seeds of life-long admiration in their hearts!

Now that she has clarified that she will be around, we can relax! Guys, no need to hoard her pictures in your wallets and secret cupboards away from the prying eyes of your girlfriends and wives. Her best is yet to come and will be available in plenty! “winkwink”

Let’s hope her next flick is more successful than rest all of them and we get to soak in the nectar of her beauty for many many years to come!

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