After A Long Time, Adam Sandler And Drew Barrymore Will Be “Blended” Again!

Adam Sandler Drew Barrymore, Blended, 50 First Dates, Both are back to provide that warm fuzzy feeling of romance which only they can offer, in their latest offering, ‘œBlended’.

For those, who love to watch the comic antics of Adam Sandler and cuteness of Drew Barrymore, the good days are back again!

They created magic exactly 10 years ago in their second outing together, “50 First Dates”. This flick will surely remain among the top 10 movies for any romantic soul on this planet, today and for decades to come. However, that wasn’t the first time they set the screen on fire with their cute funny romance. It was “The Wedding Singer” which started their celluloid journey of an adorable couple, loved by youngsters and elders alike, all across the globe.

Now, after making their fans wait for what seemed like an eternity, both are back to provide that warm fuzzy feeling of romance which only they can offer, in their latest offering, “Blended”. Just like there is growth in life, both mighty talented actors have shown immense maturity and intelligence to make a comeback, playing grown-up characters in this movie. Instead of trying to play the young, coy, innocent lovers, they have acted smart and are trying to give their fans a mature romance but with the same old dose of simplicity, fun and cuteness, firmly intact. A sigh of relief that is!

Well about the plot, while Adam plays a widowed father of three daughters, Drew will be seen as a divorced mother of two sons. We have earlier seen how with his impeccable comic timing, Adam has been able to turn some of the most serious situations into funny ones which definitely evoked a smile if not a throaty laughter. Drew has been equally effective in making a scene touch the right chords in every heart with her gorgeous smile and earthly beauty. Now, given this film’s background and premise, even though it can certainly become overly dramatic, we are sure that our favorite actors will make it one heart-warming tale of romance.

An interesting take could be their on-screen kids’ chemistry. How about Adam’s daughters take on him, all funny and hilarious while Drew’s sons imbibe her characteristics, shy, cute and well-mannered! Now that could become one funny family to watch, in case they become a family. Maybe it’s too late to suggest anything to the script-writer or director of the movie, we are at least thankful to them for putting together a project to bring these lovely stars pair again.

The very thought of watching these on-screen lovers/off-screen friends, share the same screen, create a sizzling chemistry, makes one happy! Now let’s just hope that the movie does justice to their immense talent and the faith their fans have in their love!

A request on behalf of every fan of theirs: Keep making more movies, together!! Can’t get enough of them now, can we?


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