Historical facts about Indian Cricket and Cricket Players

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Indian cricket may not be the national game of India but it is one of the oldest that started before the partition during 1972 while we know that the National game of India is hockey but the craze for cricket has not changed yet. After hundreds of decades, these games stay in the heart of the people and the team has been ranking to the top as one of the leading teams in world cricket. The first match started was played in 1932 after which you will find many Nawabs and sophisticated royal families playing international matches .

Few of interesting historical facts about Indian cricketers and cricket are as follows:

  • Madness about the cricket players and cricket among the people has been ever after increasing that it was a time that one of the popular players was kissed publicly. It was in 1960, the Australia and India match when Abbas Ali Baig was openly kissed by one of his fans, the match was held in Brabourne Stadium while he was kissed by an Australian pretty lady.

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  • In 1946, the 8th Nawab of Pataudi who had led the team of India as the captain and played in the tour of England. The main interesting fact about this captain Nawab Md Iftikhar Ali Khan Siddiqui Pataudi was that apart from playing in the Indian cricket team it was earlier during the test matches in 1932 and 1934 he played for the England team. It was later that being an Indian he played for Indian cricket, he played for both the countries India and England.

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  • India won the world cups two times in the Lords. One was in 1983 and the other was in 2011 as if Lords has been the most favorable place to win for the Indian cricketers. Another amazing fact about the cricket world cup captains has previously played the world cups.
  • Ishant Sharma has been the record holder of the highest score of batsman among the recent players of Indian cricket. While it is Saurav Ganguly who has been scoring 100, at the World Cup in the final stages.

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  • Other amazing facts of the Indian cricketers and cricket are that it was beyond any boundaries and maybe for this reason we have seen Sachin Tendulkar playing for Pakistan in a friendly exhibition match which was played in 1987 between India and Pakistan. Though time has changed now along with the growing issues between the countries.
  • Test crickets are the traditional forms that began with the onset of the Indian cricket match but the best part of cricket and Indian cricketers is that only one Indian player has been able to sustain to win three centuries in the first three tests matches. Azharuddin is the only player to win and it is an interesting record till now.

Till today Indian cricketers have been creating amazing records and the match itself is the passion of Indians. You will see every Indian to watch from the test crickets to 20s with the same interest that has inspired to create top Indian cricket world players and set interesting facts from the day it started.

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