Find Out Why Dollars Are Referred To As Bucks

Dollars Are Referred To As Bucks

“Dollars Are Referred To As Bucks”

Alright! In India there are many people who use “buck” as a slang word for the currency notes. Agree?

Even though bucks don’t not correspond to rupees; there are many Indians who prefer saying – Gimme ten or twenty bucks etc. Are you one of ‘em?

Well in reality, the origin of word “Buck” has a different story altogether.

Buck is commonly understood to mean “dollars” in U.S but do you have any idea why even today people refer dollars as bucks? Well, don’t be surprised because this word has been in use since 1748.

And before it was truly used as a slang to refer to a dollar; let me tell you that the “buck” (deerskin) was in fact used as a medium of exchange in 1700’s. Even though the deerskin is now no longer used as an important unit of buy and sell; the slang word is still referred in U.S and many other countries. (E.g. Nowadays some Indians use it because it sounds cool)

In 1748, a journal written by Conrad Weiser (a Pennsylvania Dutch Pioneer) also had a certain line that says -someone had been “robbed of the value of 300 bucks” and thus the usage of word “bucks” started.

And since then, now even in movies and other stuff the habit of this word in-place of dollar is highly observed.

Back then, depending on the quantity of goods to buy- “multiple deerskins” were exchanged and not just one. Also the quality mattered because deer killed in the winter season was considered better-quality whereas in other seasons (summer) it was considered inferior.

Also, earlier 1 superior deerskin was valued at 1 buck whereas if the skin was inferior then multiple of ‘em was valued at 1 buck.

Later this custom of exchange for goods was taken off and the U.S dollars were introduced. But even today the word “buck” is used as a slang term and no doubt it’s usage by people seems to make it unique with an amazing history.

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