These People Died In The Coolest Way Possible In Human History

coolest ways people died

The coolest ways people died – a lot of you might be thinking right now that how in this world is even possible for anyone to die in a cool way, right?

After all, we use the word cool for things that we admire and love to do.

And death is really not one of those things. So, how can someone possibly die in a cool way? Well, it happened a lot of times and I am sure a lot of those cool ways are yet unknown to many of us.

But we came across few of the coolest ways people died and trust me, they were pretty cool.

Here are the stories of coolest ways people died:

  1. William Martinez, died while having a threesome, with his family accepting $3 million therefore.

In March of 2009, William Martinez passed on during threesome with a lady who was not his better half and a male friend. In June of 2012, a jury conceded Martinez’s family $3 million in harms since his cardiologist neglected to advise him that overexerting himself was an awful thought. They had beforehand looked for $5 million, yet it was resolved that he was 40 percent in charge of his own demise. Now that is how your death costs someone a fortune and you, a lot of pleasure.


  1. Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, died of heart attack after shockingly waking up at her OWN burial service.

Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov from Kazan, Russia wrongly announced dead by specialists on June of 2012. The shocked 49-year-old started shouting when she saw they were trying to cover her. She was hurried back to the hospital, where specialists announced her dead again because of a heart attack. Presently her better half is suing the Hospital. “I am extremely furious and need a few answers. She wasn’t dead when they said she was and they could have saved her,” he said.

coolest ways people died

  1. Danny Vanzandt, died from spontaneous combustion.

He was a 65-year-old man who was discovered burned on February of 2013 inside his home by his family. He died in such a manner that it suggested he may have suddenly combusted. “You could pour fuel on some person and he wouldn’t be as gravely burned,” said a witness. Vanzandt drank liquor and smoked cigarettes, yet it was impractical for those variables to bring about the kind of flame that burned the body. The floor beneath the 65-year-old was not harmed and there was no sign that any other thing was used. The post-mortem examination gave no hint of how the fire began. Well, that’s a mysterious death, huh.

coolest ways people died

These are the coolest ways people died – Though dying is no where a cool thing, these deaths can be a goal for those who know they will have to die at a point. So, is there any of these options that pleases you.

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