4 Herbs That Can Protect You From Anxiety, Depression, Alzheimer’s, etc!

Herbs that protect body

Herbs that protect body – Positive thoughts and negative thoughts, both are in your mind always.

Positive thoughts are always helpful and keep you active all day long. But when you comes to negative thoughts, they can make you feel sad and leftout.

It is not really easy to get out of these negative thoughts and too much of these thoughts can create room for depression and anxiety disorders. Many kinds of hormones are released when you are undergoing stress. Added to this emotional stress, you also have external stress.

This kind of stress is caused due to external bodies like air, water and food that you need in. Here are some amazing Herbs that protect body and can really help you protect yourself from depression, anxiety and Alzheimer as well.

Herbs that protect body –

1 – Maiden Hair Tree or Gingko Biloba

Gingko leaf is in fan shape and this is one of the best her

bs for anxiety and depression. This herb was basically used for cognition and memory enhancement. A study was conducted on a group of men and it was proved that this herb helps in improving the memory by triggering all the areas in the brain which are responsible for memory.

2 – Ginseng

You will be able to find two different kinds of Ginseng like American Ginseng and Asian Ginseng. Both these herbs are said to have medicinal properties but American Ginseng is proven to be more effective in calming down the brain and improving memory. It also works as an antioxidant as well.

4 Herbs That Can Protect You From Anxiety, Depression, Alzheimer's, etc!

3 – Peppermint

Peppermint which is also called as Mentha Piperita is a good herb which has many medicinal values. This herb is easy to grow and also can be used in many ways. You can treat pain, freshen your breathe, aids in proper digestion, treats migraine and headache as well. Along with these you can also see good change in mood levels and cognition effect also due to the use of this herb. Peppermint oil also can be used as it helps in reducing the symptoms of depression at early stage.

4 – Rosemary

The aroma itself starts working in improving memory. It is good for school going kids and may not be really effective on adults.

Herbs that protect body

Herbs that protect body – All these herbs can be found easily, and hence you should try them if you are facing the anxiety and depression problems.

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