Are You Underweight? If Yes, Then Here’s What You Must Eat And Drink To Gain Pounds!

Foods To Gain Weight

“Foods To Gain Weight”

Just cause’ you’re under-weight; it doesn’t mean that you’ll eat whatever to gain weight. The reason why I’m saying this is cause’ there are many people who are so ashamed of their underweight body, that they continue eating fast-food items like burger etc etc. But let me tell you- it is not gonna help at-all.

If you want to gain weight, you need to follow a strict plan and include a right nutritional food items in your plate. These foods might take some time to gain some pounds of fat, but understand that “patience” is needed.

So, quit your fast food items and start eating these foods to gain weight.

  1. Fruits

You must keep the habit of eating fruits cause’ it turns out to be beneficial in terms of gaining some weight. Bananas are very good {It contains 100 calories} and there are many other fresh fruits that work equally to gain some pounds of fat.

Foods To Gain Weight

  1. Dairy Products

Cheese and Yogurt is a must-have. Yogurt is a healthy food item that can make you gain plenty of weight if you eat in it an excess level.

Foods To Gain Weight

  1. Nuts

Cashew nuts, almonds, peanuts and walnuts are good to consume on daily basis. It basically contains polyunsaturated fats that include calories in diet.

Foods To Gain Weight

  1. Sweet Potatoes

Many people don’t like eating potatoes {for whatever reason} but sweet potatoes are actually very helpful item that help you gain weight. They’re rich sources of carbohydrates and include calories in it too. In fact, you must boil ‘em and eat everyday or at-least thrice a week.

Foods To Gain Weight

  1. Brown Rice

Brown rice is always considered to be healthy and is a good food-item that can help you gain pounds of fat. You know what; with brown rice also make the habit of eating whole wheat bread, veggies and oats.

Foods To Gain Weight

  1. Fruit Juice

If you’re not too much into eating fruits, then turn it into juice and drink it. The effect is going to be same and juices are healthy too.

Foods To Gain Weight

  1. Milk

Whether you like it or not- Drinking a whole glass of milk will help you gain pounds. Milk contains 150 calories in it. I’ll suggest- Keep a habit of drinking milk every morning or before you sleep at night.

Foods To Gain Weight

  1. Smoothies

Smoothies can give you complete taste and also, it’ll turn out to be beneficial. When you add various fruits and food items e.g. milk, strawberries, yogurt and bananas etc, combining it all exceeds 480 calories and this helps you to gain weight. So packing on smoothies is totally beneficial to your body.

Foods To Gain Weight

So, start eating the above mentioned foods to gain weight. If you’re too underweight, then make sure that you visit the doctor and ask him about the problem.

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