8 Foods For Hair That You’ve Always Dreamed Of.

Hair spa and expensive conditioners will not be able to give you the best tresses as hair needs nutrients inside out.

So take a closer look at what are you putting on your plate, as what you eat is also important for luscious fuller hair.

Here are some essential Foods for Luscious Hair you must add in your daily diet for long and strong tresses.

  1. Dairy products: Get your vital vitamins for Hair.

Dairy products are loaded with calcium and protein which are highly essential for hair growth. One must include milk, cottage cheese and yogurt in their diet as 88% of hair is composed of proteins.


  1. Turn to Carrots: For Vital Vitamin A.

Vitamin deficiency can lead to severe hair loss so one should eat foods which are enriched with vitamin A. Carrots are a healthy source of vitamin A which helps to promote hair and scalp health.


  1. Lentils: For Healthy Hair.

Lentils are necessary for strong hair as they have important recourse of iron. Apart from lentils, other foods which have high iron content are potatoes, sunflower seeds, tofu, flax seeds. 


  1. Almonds: Just a handful of Almonds a day for Lovely Hair.

Almonds are rich in zinc and a must for hair. Walnuts, salmon, cashews and oysters are also zinc foods which help to prevent hair loss.


  1. Chicken: End the brittle hair battle.

Chicken is the power house for Vitamin B12 stimulates hair growth and helps to repair damaged hair as well.


  1. Eggs: For ‘Eggstra’ Luscious Hair:

Sunday ho ya Monday roz khao andey! This slogan should be followed by all who would like to have long luscious hair as eggs have many proteins.


  1. Dark Chocolates: Munch on for great locks.

Now you have an awesome reason to munch on chocolates- shinier and healthier hair. Dark chocolates are great sources of iron, zinc and copper which helps growth of hair.


  1. Guavas: Binge on some Vitamin C loaded  foods.

One should have plenty of Vitamin C rich foods and fruits like guava. Vitamin C also produces sebum which is our body’s natural conditioner. Double Bonus! 


Add these foods in your daily platter to make sure you satiate your hair’s craving.

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