5 Unappetizing Reasons To Avoid Eating Lunch At Your Desk

Eating lunch at the desk – The canteen’s full or you are just lazy to leave the chair at the moment and decide to open that scrumptious tiffin box at your desk!

The canteen’s full or you are just lazy to leave the chair at the moment and decide to open that scrumptious tiffin box at your desk!

Such is life that your desk becomes a haven for a dose of rice and ‘daal’ or some local Chinese food with your neighbouring colleagues thronging every minute to take a bite out of it.

But besides the ‘lazy part’, the funda of having food at the desk also shows another great deal of commitment to work and that too in front of your boss!

But even if you are eating all the right things which includes a healthy blend of fiber, protein, and fat followed by some gulps of water or aerated drinks; you are still doing your body disfavour by staying in your seat.

This ‘lazy’ attitude might just stick in and roll out to other colleagues as well but primarily, having lunch at your desk is NOT A GOOD IDEA. Here are 5 reasons to explain you better:

You chomp more
There’s a time when having lunch at your desk and after sometime, you realize this is the last bite of my tiffin? This is called ‘unfocused eating’ or ‘mindless eating’. Thus eating while in work on the TV, Internet, or a spreadsheet; our body and brain do not properly practice the amount of food you eat. As a result, the hormone leptin reacts late in signalling the brain that it’s time to stop eating and in way, we end up eating more calories than usual.



No healthy food
Office goers who have food at their desks are more fitting to consume fat foods all day long since due to the high stress levels and deadlines to meet. Out goes the normal day-to-day tiffin and in walks the high calorified burgers, pizzas etc. Thus, you end up gobbling in hundreds of calories since you did not want to move your desk chair and find a new place to eat!



Longer stay at the desk
Once at the desk, you may have to walk to and from the kitchen to bring your lunch back to the desk. But eating at the lunch room, your interesting chat with colleague fails to end at a stop. Thus, it is advisable to walk to a nearby Chinese restaurant or a Subway that might just make add more steps and ease out some pressure back at the office rather than having some ‘freezed’ food at your desk.



End to socialising
While at the desk, you tend to fidget either with the desktop/laptop or with the phone. A call or a Whatsapp chat with your favourite buddy adds to more frustrating time of bulking up more fats rather than quickly munching away the tiffin box.



Mental block
Stuck on a crisis at work? Getting up for a walk during the day or walking your way to lunch can actually help you feel refreshed. That’s because while eating away at the desk, makes you think less and blocks the mind from brainstorming further.


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