Belly-fattening food men can’t resist

Here are a list of foods that men simply cannot take their hands off:

Belly-fattening food men can’t resist
Here are a list of foods that men simply cannot take their hands off:

We may be more health-obsessed than we have ever been, but that doesn’t mean the lure of a sweet, sticky doughnut won’t reel you in, despite all your good intentions. If you give in often enough, these round treats will round out your belly. One glazed doughnut has more than 200 calories. Food like this can fit into a healthy diet if eaten in moderation, but if you eat a whole bag, a 14 stone man might have to run as far as 25 miles to work them off.

Ice cream
Whether it’s a 99, a choc-ice, or a plain old vanilla cone, everyone loves an ice cream. A typical scoop of premium dairy ice cream has 129 calories. Men can’t resist them, can they?

A pint of beer and a packet of crisps are standard pub fare. Salt and vinegar or cheese and onion, they are the salty snack men do not want to give up. A bag of crisps has about 180 calories, and it’s easy to mindlessly chomp your way through a big packet.

The average 440ml can of lager beer contains about 130 calories. Have a couple every night and it won’t take long to sprout the infamous beer belly. If your waist size expands to more than 40 inches, you’ll have a high risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, stroke and some types of cancer.

Caffeinated drinks
There is no denying it, fizzy energy drinks that are spiked with caffeine are a great pick-me-up before a dull meeting or boring lecture, but knock back a few of these back each day and the calories add up fast. One can packs the calories, along with the caffeine, similar to other full-sugar drinks.

Pizza is another great favourite and plenty of people wolf down a few slices every week. If you are partial to toppings like pepperoni, sausage, ham and chicken, you could take in more than 300 calories per slice on a deep pan pizzas. Stuffed cheese crusts rack up even more calories.

Large fries
Want some fries with that? Most of us do, but you might be surprised to learn that a large order of fries can have as many calories as a typical burger.

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