These Signs Indicate That Your Body Needs More Fat!

Signs body needs some fat

Signs body needs some fat

From ages, an essential element of our body i.e. ‘Fats’ are under very bad recognition, just because people believe that they are the sole reason to put on weight. Let me tell you, not all fats are dangerous to health like causing heart diseases, putting on weight to the body.

These problems arise due to the different kinds of bad fats. By the word different kinds of fats, you may be wondering – what they could be. Well, the fats are of different kind’s saturated fats and unsaturated fats. While the saturated fats have bad effects on the body like obesity, diabetes and anymore; the unsaturated fats are known to be good fats and the fats that the body requires for its build up.

Now, let us look into the various signs that the Signs body needs some fat. Check them out.

Signs body needs some fat –

Dry skin

The condition of dry skin may be quite common in many out there. And what does this exactly show. It indicates the body’s need for some good fats. Dry skin can be avoided by consuming foods that contain good fats like ‘salmon fish’, ‘olive oil’, ‘nuts’ and many such foods with good fats.

Hunger struck

Sometimes it may happen that you might feel hunger right after having a heavy meal with lots of carbs too. Remember, that this is one important sign that the body shows for its quench for some good fats. Ensure that you consume some good fats into the body.

Hormonal imbalance

Do you know that many hormones in our body are produced by fats? Yes, you got me right. The good fats help in the production of some hormones in our body like the sexual hormones and the lack of fats also led to some menstrual cycle problems in women.

No loss of weight

A lot of you might have skipped on fats or totally gave them up, just to lose weight. Isn’t it?! Yes, and it might also be that you notice no reducing in the weight of your body in spite of the change in diet plans and no fats at all. This error that everyone thinks would make great changes in their body. But the fact is that the body needs to some good fats. These fats help you to stay energetic throughout the day as well.

Feeling chilled

This is just because, a layer of fat helps you to resist coldness. And when you totally skip on the intake of fats, you start feeling cold.

These were some signs that the Signs body needs some fat  – body indicates for its quench for some good type of fats into. Never ignore these signs. Take care.

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