Homeopathy COVID -19 Medicinal Benefits To Different States of India

homeopathy covid-19

The statewide study of the distribution of the homeopathy COVID-19 medicine that has helped in curing will help in understanding the potential. While mentioning about the homeopathy medicine that has worked for different states of India, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Gupta specifically mentioned the following states:

Distribution of Arsenicum Album 30 WB Homeo-Hospitals


Two Homeopathy medical colleges in West Bengal has distributed Arsenicum Album 30 to 5000 people approx. Hotspots areas of West Bengal has been suffering from the contamination due to COVID -19. Poverty, lack of medical facilities with the uncontrollable increase of active coronavirus cases has put them in distress and life threat. Hospitals are incapable of providing the treatment while many do not look forward to being admitted due to the monetary crisis. Therefore it is the reason that people have slowly opted for the homeopathy for COVID -19 treatment.

They further have the initiative to distribute to about one lac of medicine. The highest medicinal impact has been in Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. On other hand, Kerala responded to arsenic album 30, therefore the Health Minister, K.K Shailaja has appreciated about the contribution of medicine during covid-19 pandemic.

UP has a massive treatment under homeopathy after the first 42 patients that were treated under Dr. Pradeep Kumar Gupta. Slowly the high infected zones of UP are now adapting to homeopathy COVID-19 medicines.

homeopathy covid-19

Arsenicum Album 30 as preventive medicine for flu


According to the study by Dr. Gupta, it is always believed that Arsenicum Album 30 is one of the preventive medicine for any kind of flu. So, it has been a great prevention medicine for the people who wanted to avoid the symptoms of COVID-19. This medicine has been beneficial to avoid the symptoms of flu during the harsh times of the pandemic. It is suitable for all age groups from kids to old age people.

Homeo-physician, Dr. Gupta also suggests this medicine to the pregnant women, as it has no side effects, on the hand prevention from all kinds of Flu. Coronavirus, which can be sectionalized as a kind of flu that can turn severe if a long time is exposed to the virus untreated. But on-time treatment can save a life, but several people have been worrying about the circumstances and availability of treatment.

The medicinal treatment has co-operated to treat people under less pressure and anxiety irrespective of monetary backgrounds.

homeopathy covid

Other states of India treated with homeopathy COVID-19

 Maharashtra had the highest rate of infected people with the death rate-raising day by day. The study on the usage and effect of homeo-medicines has been increasing as once again due to the higher infections and no treatments accept home isolation. Andhra Pradesh has also responded, but Gujarat has shown the maximum positive results on the treatment under Ayush ministry. After UP, the states like Bihar and Delhi has a good response to the medicines as the information and practice was carried out under ICMR.

While the minimal information is available about the northeast region, as the lowest uses are found in the seven states of Northeast India, though several are infected and tested positive each day.

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