Use These DIY Remedies And Get Rid Of Your Black Gums!

Black Gums

“Black gums”

We all want pink gums but how many of you will agree that we hardly pay attention towards it. Even while brushing the teeth; gums are hardly even noticed or cleansed. Isn’t it?

But then suddenly when you smile and one person come up and say- hey, you have those black gums. Now that’s quite embarrassing. Right? And then swiftly you want to take care of it and turn them into pink, but the only question is how?

Well don’t worry about it too much because it is not necessary that you’ve to take some medical treatment.

These DIY remedies will simply help you to get rid of it.

NOTE: – The causes of black gums include smoking, lack of proper hygiene, lack of nutrition and too much stress.

  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties and acts as a best treatment altogether. Coconut oil helps to kill all the bacteria inside the mouth. All you need to do is early morning while brushing your teeth put some coconut oil into water and swish it in your mouth like a mouthwash.

Just keep it doing for about 2 minutes max.

Black Gums

  1. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera helps to fight the infected black gums and they also contain anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. You can use it while brushing and as a mouthwash too- While using it as a mouthwash use the gel and swish it for about 3 minutes max.

Also make sure you do this twice a day- early morning and evening.

Black Gums

  1. Clove Oil

Clove oil is one of the best treatments for toothache and because of its high anti-bacterial properties it prevents black gums as well. Use clove oil for massaging process; apply some amount of clove oil especially around the corners of mouth.

Later, massage it softly for about 3 minutes max.

Black Gums

  1. Green Tea

Many are not fond of drinking green tea regularly but if you’ve black gums than I would suggest you drink it every-day. Green tea also heals the swelling of gums and prevent them from black gums.

Have a one cup of green tea every-day.

Black Gums

  1. Sage Leaves

Add some sage leaves into the boiling water and steep it for about 10 minutes. Later use it as a mouthwash for about 3 minutes. Or you can simply rub the sage leaves onto your gums to help prevent the blackness immediately.

Black Gums

  1. Drink Enough Water

Drink water because it is one of the best things to keep the gums healthy. In reality, many fail to drink enough water and they drink it only while having food. But doing so is not good for health and even keep swishing your to cleanse your mouth after eating anything.

This basically helps to kill the bacteria.

Black Gums

  1. Sesame Oil

Warm the sesame oil and use it as a mouthwash early in the morning while brushing the teeth. This oil helps remove all the toxic chemicals and the germs are killed.

Swish it for at-least 3 minutes daily.

Black Gums

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