Mahindra’s New Komodo Concept Will Simply Blow Your Mind Away!

Mahindra Komodo Concept

India’s premier automobile manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra sure knows how to grab eyeballs with its innovative products!

The new Komodo concept will simply blow your mind away with its rustic yet monstrous look!

Mahindra's Komodo Concept

Mahindra’s Komodo Concept

Car Details

  • Designer Makrand Patil of India took his wild imagination to paper and created this design which is sure to turn heads once on Indian roads.
  • The design, which may seem outrageous to some people who are conservative aims to break the mold of drab and similar looking cars to an SUV that is a monster, both inside and outside!
  • The new car, an SUV, is called the Mahindra – Komodo Concept which is part of a design study that Makrand and his colleague Valeriy Dimov took while doing their graduation in Automotive Design.
  • The project has the backing of Mahindra & Mahindra now and has been developed after highly specialized market research and consumer mind set analysis.
  • The car will be really big in size! The total length of the car will be around 4800mmand the width will be around 1900mm, which makes it a large SUV, not a compact.

Makrand says, ‘The primary goal of making such a concept car was something which could easily compete in the international market. The inspiration for this concept comes from the very characteristics of Mahindra itself. The design has been kept aggressive, masculine, sharp and elegant at the same time, following Mahindra’s design principles.’

Mahindra's Komodo Concept

Mahindra’s Komodo Concept

The Namesake – How and Why?

  • Mahindra is known for pushing aggressive looking designs in the past. No wonder the mighty looking Bolero outsole the Tata Sumo at a time when Indian-made SUVs were a new thing in the country!
  • Why the car is named as ‘Komodo’? Well, Mahindra has this penchant of naming all their products with an ending ‘o’ and the Komodo name also fits the look of the car – it really looks like a fire breathing dragon!

Engine Specifics

  • The car will be made for a ‘true’ off-roading experience and hence, its airy design with vents all over.
  • It is being developed as a future car, so it will feature a hybrid diesel powered engine.
  • Other details are yet to be released since the car is still under development.

The car looks a lot like a Rally Fighter, but isn’t designed to be a race car. It is being developed to offer people with families an option to commute with them in a spacious car and sometimes take it for a spin around muddy roads or rustic terrains for an amazing off-roading experience.

The car is sure to be a hot-seller in India when it launches, since people are now bored of buying the similar looking and boxy SUVs. This car simply shatters the mold and caters to the ‘wild driver’ in everyone. Be sure to follow our stories for more on this car when more details arrive!

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