FIFA WC 2014: 15 Amazing Football Movies That Will Let You Grip On The World Cup Fever

Football fans from around the world just cannot wait for the FIFA World Cup to kick-off. With hardly any days left before the tourney begins, footsie fans will be glued to the television set.

Football fans from around the world just cannot wait for the FIFA World Cup to kick-off. With hardly any days left before the tourney begins, footsie fans will be glued to the television set. So what do they do in their past time? Well, we have a solution as we bring to you the best 15 football movies that one should not miss. So if you’re missing football, watch these movies and the love won’t die out.

The Goal! Trilogy (2005, 2007, 2008)
Charted out in 3-parts, the Goal! Trilogy tells the story of Santiago Munez, a Mexican immigrant living in Los Angeles, USA who works as a gardener but dreams of making the most of his outrageous talents on the football pitch. After a stint with English club, Newcastle United, Munez then jets into the Real Madrid where he wins the Champions League. The third part however focuses the players on international duty.

Bend It Like Beckham (2002)
Directed by noted filmmaker Gurinder Chadha, Bend It Like Beckham tells the story of two girls- an Indian and a Brit, who have to bend the rules to make their footballing dreams come alive. The film saw the debut of British actress Keira Knightley before she became a star in Hollywood and also Parminder Nagra.

Shaolin Soccer (2001)
Football can be bizarre at times and this was portrayed in the 2001 flick ‘Shaolin Soccer’. The movie mixes football with a bit of kung-fu and out comes an entertaining combination of sport and fun. The movie tells the story of a group of Shaolin monks who use kung-fu to play soccer and defeat an evil team. Besides the action and drama, there are lots of comic scenes that will leave your jaws paining.

The Damned United (2009)
The movie is based on author David Peace’s brilliant novel of the same name that highlights one of the most controversial episode in the UK football history, when Brian Clough joined the then reigning champions Leeds in his infamous 44 days in charge.

United (2011)
Another football movie that tells the tale of the famous ‘Busby Babes’. The famous Manchester United squad that won the European Cup but unfortunately eight members of the side were killed when their plane crashed in 1958 at Munich.

Green Street Hooligans (2005)
The movie ‘Green Street Hooligans’ shows a darker, serious path of football as it portrays hooliganism in England and the madness that grips amongst its fans. The movie depicts how two teams battle it out on the pitch and their fans beat the hell out of each other on the outside that marks bloodbath and warfare.

Escape to Victory (1981)
What happens when you cast football greats like Pele, Osvaldo Ardiles and pitch them up against Hollywood biggies like Sylvester Stallone and Michael Caine? Voila! You get a brilliant football movie. Never before tried on-screen, ‘Escape To Victory’ stars a big names in the world of football like Pele, Bobby Moore, Osvaldo Ardiles, Paul van Himst, John Wark, Russell Osman with Michael Caine and Sylvester Stallone bringing in some Hollywood glamour.

Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait (2006)
A documentary based on former French footballer Zinedine Zidane Zidane who saw his career end on a sad note during a La Liga clash against Villarreal in 2005, where the midfielder was sent off for his part in a brawl. The main part of the documentary is that it uses 17 synchronised cameras which give a breathtakingly view of the player.

Fever Pitch (1997)
Football flick ‘Fever Pitch’ which was based on author Nick Hornby’s book of the same name, follows the life of Paul Ashworth (Colin Firth) as he juggles the job as a teacher and a newly-blossoming relationship with his love for the Arsenal Football Club.

Looking For Eric (2009)
If you are a Manchester United fan, this film is just what you wanted! The movie revolves around a Eric Cantona fan who sees his world fall apart but only to see his icon revive him back.

Mean Machine (2001)
In this remake of the 1974 American football flick ‘The Longest Yard’, former professional footballer Vinnie Jones plays a former England captain who is haunted by allegations of match-fixing during his career that went into a tailspin. What follows, is a dark world betrayal, befriending and redemption. The movie also stars Hollywood hottie, Jason Statham.

The Football Factory (2004)
Based on John King’s novel of the same name, ‘Football Factory’ revolves around the famous London Football club, Chelsea FC which is run full of petty theft, cocaine abuse and casual racism.

The Class Of 92 (2013)
A UK-based documentary that focuses on the upbringing of the likes of David Beckham and Paul Scholes, to name a few, from the football academy of Manchester United and how they went on to become one of the brightest stars for England and their respective club.

Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal (2007)
Bollywood too had its hands full in football with the 2007 flick, ‘Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal’ that is a fictional story of the South Asian community residing in the UK, told through the world of professional football. The film starred John Abraham, Arshad Warsi, Bipasha Basu and Boman Irani.

Hip Hip Hurray (1984)
Another one from the world of Bollywood that showcased football as its subject – Hip Hip Hurray. Made by noted filmmaker Prakash Jha, the movie tells the story of computer engineer who takes up a job as part-time sports instructor only to lead his side to victory in a tournament.

So if you are in the mood for some football and movies, well’s here the pick we have got for you!

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