Rise & Shine with These Simple Breakfast Recipes!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Now make it interesting with these off-beat recipes for a shining start to the day.

The next time you rush out of the door in the morning without having your breakfast, consider this skipping breakfast can actually lead to overeating later in the day and eventually weight gain. 

So if you want to maintain your waistline, a filling breakfast can aid it. 

Whole Wheat Pancakes 

Whole wheat flour and protein rich eggs turn pancakes from a forbidden sin to a healthy diet staple. Addition of cinnamon and flaxseed provide relief to sour throat and also helps in detoxification. Take one cup whole wheat flour or whole wheat pastry flour and combine it with buttermilk, flaxseeds, baking powder, little bit of cinnamon and salt to taste. Beat about three eggs and pour it in the flour mixture. Now whisk in about 2 tablespoon oil and some water, till it is a smooth paste. Spread the mixture on a heated pan in a circular pattern and let it cook till golden brown on both sides. Serve it with honey or grape syrup. 

Vanilla Yoghurt with Cottage Cheese or Tofu 

Whip this up and refrigerate overnight for a simple grab-and-go breakfast. All you have to for this is combine yogurt with some fruits that blend, like mango or banana. Add few drops of vanilla essence in the yoghurt. Now add mashed cottage cheese or tofu, flaxseeds, olive oil crushed green cardamom and blend it till smooth. This creamy base breakfast with fruits and mild spices make for a very nutritional breakfast. While yoghurt helps in proper digestion, fruits, cottage cheese will provide essential protein.  

Coconut Yogurt with Fresh Fruit 

If you love yogurt, but have difficulty digesting it, try coconut yogurt. You can buy it from a health food shop or you can even make your own by whipping grated coconut in fresh yoghurt. Add cubes of fresh fruits for a lovely, light breakfast. You can also sprinkle some soaked almonds and walnuts to this to pack more nutrients. 

Spinach Scrambled Eggs 

Scrambling eggs is far the easiest breakfast preparation. But this time, add on to your efforts for that extra nutrient by adding some blanched spinach t it. You can also add tomatoes, besides spinach, both of which offer valuable vitamins and antioxidants to the body. Season it with salt and pepper, and serve it with whole wheat bread. 

Chinese Omelet 

We have heard numerous times about Spanish omelet; now try this Chinese Omelet for a healthier twist.

This light and easy omelet preparation is a great way to sneak in healthy veggies like sprouts and carrots in your breakfast. First, add all the veggies in a pan and season it with salt. Now, sauté the vegetables till they are cooked. Meanwhile, beat the eggs with some ginger. Now cook the omelet on a pan. Place the cooked vegetables between the cooked omelet, fold, and serve. 

Rise and shine now gorgeous, and start your day the right way with these interesting and healthy breakfast options.

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