Hostel Tales – 5 Easy and Quick Recipes for Those Midnight Cravings!

Hostel life is a lot of fun, excluding that taste-less, bland hostel food. So what to do when hunger strikes? Try these 5 easiest of easy recipes to cook-up a snack for you and your hostel mates.

If you have eaten in a hostel mess, you can eat anything, anywhere! 

No matter how hungry you are hostel food just refuses to gulp down the throat. 

So what to do when those ‘late-night studying’ triggers random and severe hunger pangs? 

Fret not; we are bringing you some quick and easy food concoctions for all your midnight cravings. 

Frozen Bananas 

All you need for this concoction is bananas and milk. You can buy those cold milk tetra packs for storing at hostel, and remember that bananas taste better when ripened though. Slice up bananas in circles, dip it in sweetened full-cream milk in a bowl and freeze it. Make sure bananas are more in proportion to milk, so they are not floating, but packed. You can store this for up to 3 days. You can top it up with ice-cream or any syrup, like chocolate syrup or butterscotch syrup. This makes for a delicious snack any time of the day, and they are healthy! Freezing them also seems to enhance the flavor of bananas. You can also have raw bananas with Nutella or peanut butter as quick midnight dessert.  


This breakfast ingredient is surely one of the easiest meals to cook in a hostel and also one of the healthiest. You can vary the water to milk ratio depending on how creamy you want the porridge to be. If you like a thick porridge, limit the amount of liquid you use, and for a runny porridge vise-versa. Stock up on some fruit pulp or fresh fruits to top up the porridge. You can also make masala porridge by boiling it in water with salt and turmeric. Sprinkle some pepper when done cooking.  

Cheese Sandwich 

Yes, you can do a Barista in your own room! Smuggle in some bread and cheese slice or cheese spread. This doesn’t even require you to toast the bread. Just place, or spread, some cheese on the bread slices, sprinkle it with pepper and your yummy cheese sandwich is ready. If you want to make it lighter, add some sliced tomatoes or lettuce. 

Aloo Bhujiya Sandwich 

Sounds weird? Try it once. Lightly toast bread slices directly on the flame and spread some ketchup on it. Now sprinkle hearty amount of aloo bhujiya on both the slices, and your sandwich is ready. You can try it even without toasting the bread. You can also add some chopped onion and chilies to give that street-chaat feel.   

Maggi Noodles The Raw Company 

It is no secret that Maggi is everyone’s absolute favorite. Easy to make and fulfilling, this food item will be your true companion in your moments of insatiable hunger pangs. Maggi is very versatile, so you can experiment with it a lot. Apart from the regular 2-minute Maggi, you can also use it without cooking in sandwiches or salads for the crunchy element. If access to kitchen is a problem, just get some hot water in a mug and dip broken Maggi strands in it with the masala and let it brew for about 15 minutes. Spice it up more with ketchup and enjoy your snack. 

Midnight snacking is a hosteller’s birth right! Do not give up on it and don’t just day-dream; rather stock, lock and eat! 

Oh yes, before I say bye bye, please do share your hostel recipes for the nirwana of many here!

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