Faux Meat: There Is A Lot To Being A Vegetarian!

Every meat eater has pondered over this thought; ‘˜what do vegetarians eat that could stand up to the good ol’ chicken’? Here is what they eat…

For a hard core meat eater, vegetarians feel like Martians! Non-vegetarians always feel that there aren’t many variations that vegetarians can try. Not true at all! It isn’t just about paneer and potato for them. Apart from the vast set of vegetables they also have the option of going for pulses and their combinations with vegetables. But then what about the meaty taste? Do they miss out on that? They most certainly don’t! Check out a few vegetarian meats…



Yam looks similar to a sweet potato. The texture although is different. It is usually served as an accompaniment to rice dishes and fish curry. It can also be diced and fried or smoked, grilled or boiled. It tastes fabulous when paired with cheese in a quiche.



This is one of the most common ways our mothers used to make us eat protein all though childhood. In the form of Soy milk, Soy pulav or curries; soy always fed at least once a week. Its chewy texture makes it a brilliant substitute for chicken. It also helps if you want to convert you veggie friend into a non-vegetarian, tell your friend that it will taste just as good as soy.



The healthier substitute for Paneer is Tofu. This ingredient entered Indian kitchen around the 2000s. It was instantly accepted making it a hit! Personally, I still would vouch for freshly made batch of Paneer over Tofu, but again that is just me! Tofu can be used just as paneer.



Commonly known as ‘wheat meat’ or ‘gluten’, seitan is made from wheat. The texture that seitan takes after being cooked is just as meat and hence it is one of the most preferred mean analogue. It is getting noticed in India and you can easily find it in the health food section of any supermarket.



This is a cheat sea food. Available in various forms, Surimi icentially gives the texture and colour of any shell fish. It is easily available abroad but slowly getting noticed in India as well.



It is another soy product that was made in Indonesia. Tempeh is made by fermentation of soybean into a cake. Brilliant way of making patty for a whole wheat burger! Soy gives you the necessary proteins where as the texture helps you get over chicken cravings.

What is your favourite meat sustitute? 

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