Which Exercise Builds More Muscle? Dumbbell Flyes or Cable Flyes?

A person, who wants to build a sturdy and appealing chest, will focus on Dumbbell flyes because they are the staple for it. If you are in a gym, your trainer will opine for dumbbell flyes and make sure you are doing it in the right order. However, the thumb rule of gaining muscles faster is the technique which has to be appropriate even if the counts are less. Also, it is an imperative to push your muscles out of their comfort zone by increasing the weight as time goes by. As dumbbell curling is essential, we always lean on it in blindfolds but cable flyes render equal or may be better results to your muscle building and we bet you had not any idea of it.

Here under discussed are the differences between cable flyes and dumbbell curling:

The legend Arnold Schwarzenneger swore by dumbbell flyes because it isolates the pecs so his followers made this a yardstick of building chest muscles. But they have become old-school already ad cable flyes are slowly finding feet.

At the time you are holding the dumbbells at your sides, the tension is concentrated in your chest muscles. When you begin to do the fly movement, the tension at the top muscles reduces and there is absolutely zero tension on your chest muscles. Which means, you are just doing a balancing the dumbbells act against gravity and doing little good for your chest muscles, leading into compromised hypertrophy.

When you hold the dumbbells downwards, it passes a lot of unwanted tension on your shoulders which disable you to properly pack your shoulder (scapular retraction). So you better combine dumbbell flyes with cable flyes to save yourself from shoulder impingement and rotator cuff injuries.

Cable flyes help you to put perennial tension on the chest muscles thereby stimulating the pecs throughout the range of motion. It results in superior chest development and greater pumps.

You can adjust the cables and tweak the fly movement as per your body’s requirement which is not possible with the dumbbells or pec-decs.

When you do cable flyes, your back gets a support of a bench hence the stability increases and unwanted body momentum decreases. You can safely plant your shoulder blades into a support which causes proper scapular retraction and impingement of the shoulder joints are easily avoided as the subacromial space width increases up to three times.

Cable flyes stimulate chest fibres and are good for your shoulders.

You are recommended to rotate your wrists 90 degrees bringing them in a supinated position and simply hold the cable hooks without any handle attachment to get things right.

The aforesaid variation is called Bayesian fly, an invention of coach and scientist Meno Heneselmans is an effective exercise for your chest and shoulders.

You can start with 2-3 repetitions and increase up to 15-20 and feel the burn at the chest real, like real bad!


So, try the simple cable flye methods for a few days to see the difference.



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