Attention Girls! 8 Things You Should NOT Do During Periods


Girls suffer from lot of discomfort during periods and due to the taboo many girls go through it very secretively. Some girls may not be aware about few things and some religiously follow age old myths which jeopardise health. It’s wise if you refrain yourself from certain things for your own good.

Today we have rounded few  Things You Should NOT Do During Periods  and it will be better if you avoid them for few more days.

  1. You should avoid these foods

Trans and saturated fats can lead to inflammation during period. Instead of eating chocolates, sweets and dairy other products one should go for lean meats, beans and fish to imbibe more proteins which in turn reduce your pain. Also for some people caffeine cab worsen the agitated moods and pain.

  1. You should not skip meals

Girls should not forget that they are losing good amount of blood from their body so have meals on time and keep your stomach filled to restore energy.

  1. You should avoid unprotected sex

There’s a myth that one cannot get pregnant during periods. The chances of getting pregnant are high during this time. Also it’s better to avoid intercourse to avoid any infections.

  1. You should avoid heavy workouts or physical work

You can go for some specific Yoga and other exercises  but one should stay away from heavy workouts and physical work. As during this of month girls are suffering from lot of stomach cramps or back ache.

  1. You should avoid cloth as sanitary napkin

It is advisable to go for sanitary napkin as there are chances of leakage and girls should also note that it’s very vital to change your napkin after every 3-4 hours in order to avoid infections and bad odor.

  1. You should avoid over cleaning and bathing

Of course you should bath but not to overdo it. Many girls feel unhygienic during their periods but it’s also important to not over clean the vaginal area as good bacteria will wash away.

  1. You should avoid running out of napkins and tampons

All girls must carry sanitary napkins with them. One must be ready when you are on-the-go with extra pads properly stored in bag.

  1. Avoid using soaps and vaginal hygiene products

Vagina has its own cleaning mechanism so washing off the good bacteria with soaps and other products is not good at all. Use soap for external parts and for vaginal area you can use warm water.

We hope by refraining these things you stay fit and healthy during your periods!

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