Why We Should Worship Goddess Kali During Deepavali?

Goddess Kali

Goddess Kali  – The name of her induces fear, rightfully so because she is the epitome of power with a dark and fierce intimidating presence. Goddess Kali wears a mystery about her which is hard to fathom unless one delves deeper beneath the veil of sensational images she is made incidental to. But then again, in her fearsome version, she can stifle laughter of all things evil in her inscrutably domineering wrath.

Her introduction in this world:

It was Ramkrishna Paramhamsa who came into Goddess Kali consciousness first and introduced her to theis world. The humankind staunchly knows her as the supreme mother of the Universe now.

Why is worshipping Goddess Maa Kali is important:

Goddess Kali – Maa Kali is symbolic to the power of time and she indicates that nothing is permanent in this world. This is whys she wears the garland of skulls, it is but a symbol of transition from death to immortality. She dances intensely on the bottomless abyss; she has a dark blue colour, on in her entirety she is the manifestation of cosmic wisdom. She is the holder of Vidyut Shakti, which is the lightning or electrical force from which the entire world borrows energy. Her seed mantra is ‘Kreem’ which denotes Kriya Shakti or power of transformation which is at play behind the transformation of life.

So, apparently when we worship Goddess Kali , her benevolence and blessings are endowed upon us. Her blessings are empowering and we are insured for good health, fortune and wisdom in the long haul. Deepavali is a festival of lights to slay the demons of darkness. India celebrates this festival with pomp and grandeur because Goddess Kali is known to eradicate all darkness with her celestial acumen. Hence, offering our prayers to Goddess Kali during Deepavali is an imperative.

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