5 Things Gautam Gulati Can Do With The 50 Lakh He Won In Bigg Boss 8

Gautam Gulati Bigg Boss 8 Winner

Gautam Gulati won the Bigg Boss 8 title and the 50 lakh cash prize. Surviving as many as 11 eliminations only to emerge the winner is an accolade of sorts.

However, he has accomplished his goal and many might want to know what’s next on his agenda. The television actor is considering entering Bollywood as one of the options.

Entering Bollywood being his personal choice, we wonder what the actor will do with the cash money.

Here are a few things Gautam Gulati can do with the 50 lakh he won in Bigg Boss 8.

Open a Gym


Gautam Gulati can open a gym

Without a doubt, it can be said that Gautam had one of the best bodies in the Bigg Boss house. More often than not, he was seen shirtless taking a stroll. THIS. GUY. IS. RIPPED! He needs to invest well and what better option than starting his own gym. He can provide a tip or two to fitness freaks and aspiring bodybuilders.


Buy a Gold Plated “Do Not Disturb” Sign

Gautam Diandra Bigg Boss

Buying a gold plated “do not disturb” sign would prevent invasion of privacy

The bathroom incident featuring Gautam and Diandra Soares took the viewers by surprise. The former also claimed that Diandra provoked him into getting in the bathroom with her. He also said that nothing more than kissing session transpired between them. If he plans to engage in other such spontaneous sessions, buying a gold plated “do not disturb” sign might come in handy. The sign being imprinted in gold would not only let him express vanity, but also seriousness about not disturbing him.


Buy Shirts

gulati shirtless

The guy seriously needs to invest in shirts

People, who were hooked on to Bigg Boss 8, witnessed Gulati’s shirtless avatar on more than one occasion. Sure, the guy has a body to show, but does what is his obsession with being shirtless at all times? Did someone in the Bigg Boss house check his bag for shirts? Didn’t he carry any? If not then wouldn’t be perfect for him to buy some shirts that he can wear so that others do not feel uncomfortable around him?


Take Acting Classes

gautam gulati acting

Gautam Gulati needs to take acting lessons if he plans a career in Bollywood

Upon winning Bigg Boss 8 competition, Gautam Gulati was asked what his plans for the future were. He expressed his plans to enter Bollywood. So far, he has shared space on television with other actors. To this day, he has acted in three TV serials – Kasamh Se (2006-09), Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani (2010-11) and Diya Aur Baati Hum (since 2011). In order to enter Bollywood, he needs to prove that he belongs to the industry. Acting classes might help.


Buy a “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall” Mirror

gulati mirror

Alia Bhatt will reject him

Gulati also expressed his desire to marry Alia Bhatt. Well, not gonna happen, buddy! Apparently, the two workout at the same gym, but he has never spoken to her. Alia is an established actress and approaching her with no valid credentials would only backfire.

The “dude” needs to buy a “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall” mirror so that he can get back to the real world and know what his true credentials are.

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